How Austerity replaced Independence on the 4th of July

What happened to Americana in America?  What is the point of being an American anymore?

Since last year we have been continuously harped at about this CRISIS in Europe.  Its like all consuming if you ever watch any financial show.  All they can ever talk about is what these EURO  nations will do and how it affected the US economy and stock market.

Then there is the so called “British Royals“.  First its the new wedding then its the old Queen Jubilee.  Why is this stuff getting wall to wall coverage in the only nation that beat the dog crap out of the Brits over our freedom?  Have you noticed the new influx of British accent personalities on the news and in media?  I noticed a few on CNN then their ratings tanked.

America was started to get away from these stupid British people now it seems like we have been recolonized.  Why should we give a broke roach leg about what the Brits are doing?  Isn’t that the attitude that made America?  Oh yeah and its called soccer; we play football in AMERICA.

Just last night I noticed a “How to represent Britain at the Olympics” segment on Entertainment Tonight.  Why would I want to show off my British anything?  I’m American you motherf*ckers!  I’m not a subject of some stupid @ss queen or king or duke or whatever the hell you idiots call yourself.  The truth is to real genuine Americans you monarchs look like clowns dressed up like that.  Where’s your circus?

American Independence is what the 4th of July is supposed to be all about but Noooooooo.  I have to hear even more from the Europeans and their idiotic terminology like, AUSTERITY.  You know when the government gives the people nothing and taxes everything.  Ever heard of  no taxation without representation?  Yeah the Brits know.

In 2012 Jacksonville Beach FL cancelled their long running tradition of a major fireworks celebration on the 4th of July.  They said it was due to “AUSTERITY that they will be cancelling the annual event. When I heard about this I was shocked and awed.

It’s bad enough that we have lost our main event to celebrate our nation’s independence.  The fact that that we are using EUROPEAN terminology to announce it is like salt in the wound.  How much is too much?  Where do you draw the line?  What’s coming next year, we have to fly the British flag on the 4th?

What do you think?


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