Can we stop the IRAN WAR?

We don’t need to argue anymore about the Iraq do we?  The media tricked the public and instead of informing of the facts they repeated propaganda and led the country into a war undeclared by the american people’s representation.

The congress has proven they are illegitimate  by giving “permission” by not declaring war in writing as required by the constitution.  Since then over 100,000 people have been killed, the vast majority civilians.  This proves war is a crime about mass killing.

Now its obvious they are planning a war with Iran in 2012.  They want to goat IRAN into attacking first by instigating a fight with insane sanctions and other outright war activities currently ongoing.  The latest outrage was an American remote controlled war plane recovered by Iran.

Our fearless leader actually asked for it back,  Wow.  We have really reached a level of professional insanity and embarrassment previously unknown.  We actually believe it is a reasonable request to send a spy plane over someone else’s nation and then demand it back when its hacked and landed like a toy plane.  Who knows how many billions in taxpayer money Lockheed Martin was paid to develop this “Beast of Kandahar”  but they should get their money back.  The damn thing doesn’t work and was hacked by the very people it was trying to attack, who programmed this thing? Homer Simpson?

They hope Iran will eventually fall to internal pressure to defend its country and attack some ally of the American-European Empire.  This will allow the Ameropean Empire to act as if it has been attacked and must defend itself in “crushing” fashion.  Heard this before?

Meanwhile the press will convince the people in North America that the only option is to kill unknown thousands of children, women, and men in the middle east to stop terrorism.

The US President Barack Obama has proven he’ll use violence as a means with his Military coup in Libya.  It was considered a success because it only cost $1 billion dollars and only a few ten thousand civilians were murdered.  The Iran will be timed perfectly to happen around the pending US election campaign in the fall of 2012.  This is timed to impact the election in the direction the war monger government wants.

How long will people tolerate the idea that the Americans and Europeans are the permanent supreme rulers and all other people are their mere servants.  Some how the Ameropean Empire thinks it can bully the entire world.  They have bullied their citizens into absolute fear but now many are protesting and the emperor is starting to look more and more nude.  What do you think can we stop the IRAN war?

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