How do you know if your paranoid?

If you check the doors to make sure they are locked an extra time or two before bed then you are probably like most people.  If you continuously check the locks over and over again repeatedly for hours then you know you are paranoid.


Since the beginning of time there have been people who apparently due to their own paranoia preached the same idea to anyone who would listen.   Where is the wisdom in being afraid of any and everything?

Now Americans are being told to say something if they see something in advertisements all over the country.  Many americans now believe their own government is corrupted.  If that is true then the ones who should say something if they see something are the elected officials, officers, and employees.  Who thinks they are going to see and say something that would hurt themselves?


One thing the best gangster movies lke Scarface, Goodfellas, New Jack City, and American Gangster have in common is a complicit law enforcement and prosecution.  These movies all depict amazingly profitably murderous crime schemes that relied on police to look the other way or even directly deal in criminal activity.  Its always clear their entire operation depends on the officers involved.

So, why instigate more anxiety in the community?   With protest spreading could this be a way to pit Americans at each other other?  I have heard many people say that they “HATE” liberals or “CONSERVATIVES” or something.  Does this mean I should call and report them?  Did they say something?  Did I hear something?  What if I’m mad at them?  We all know where this could go.


What do you think?


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