How much MORE MONEY would you have with Romney’s Tax rate?

What do you call a system that forces those who do the most work to pay the highest tax rates?  What happened to reality and common sense in our world?

Did the NASA scientists take it to MARS or something?  Is this just more evidence of corruption in the media?  Who has the courage to ask the real questions?

The scandal of the big Mitt Romney Tax debate really isn’t about will he or won’t he submit copies of his tax returns it’s that he himself admits to paying an amazingly low tax rate of  only 13% on tens of millions of dollars of income he earned from investing other people’s money.

This is shocking.

The most successful of all of us Americans are typically celebrities and sports athletes who earn our millions the hard way.  Grinding out long seasons playing for the Cowboys or shooting scenes in freezing dark conditions for a new feature film no one sees for years.  Small business owners too.

Amazing sacrifice, training, and dedication is what it takes to reach the highest levels of earning success.  Once you get there in America you are then treated to a 35% tax bill.  Think about that for a second, WOW.

So, if you’re lucky enough to get picked up by the Miami Dolphins like Chad “OchoCinco” Jonson was and they decide to sign you to a 1$ Million dollar a year contract instead of cutting your ass you only keep $650k.  On what basis or theory is that morally acceptable?

Meanwhile the guys that hang out with the team owner are paying a tax rate in the low teens on the billions they earn.  This means if you’re a “good fella”  like Mitt Romney then you can enjoy the PRIVILEGE to keep a nice $870k for each million you earn.  That’s a $220,000 difference that Romney is keeping each and every year AFTER TAXES.  However, if you want another $220k you need to find another team to play for.

How could you possibly catch up or get ahead if these are the terms?

This means that after a career of say 10 years Romney will actually still have $2.2 Million more dollars than you will.  This is because his fancy attorneys know how to file his taxes just right so he can skip out on paying his fair share.  How can he justify doing this being such a religious guy and all?

I guess he has to do what is best for him and HIS.  What will he do if elected president? What’s best for him or the country?  How can you be sure of what Romney will do?


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