How Occupy Monetized Dissent and exposed Schmucks

WE’RE GOING TO MAKE THEM PAY FOR THIS!  Has to be one of the things that pops in the head of anyone who protests.  Eventually even the most passive and easy going people get tired of the systematic fu*ckery and it gets to a point that you just can’t take it anymore.

So what can you do?  You can do something about it, something BIG.  SOMETHING RIGHTEOUS.

Last year the Occupy movement took that something to another level, now it appears they are entering a new dimension.  Monetized Decent.

This changes everything.  First Obama created a new market for heath care companies who get guaranteed money off the fact that “by law” all Americans have to buy expensive insurance OR suffer IRS penalties and higher taxes.  Now it appears that Occupy has created a new market for dissenters who think they have a right to protest.

Democracy Now! reported that the now infamous UC Davis student protesters have reached a financial settlement valued at $1 million dollars.  That would average out to about $30k per protester.

My first reaction to this news is DAMN, you guys had them by the balls and you settled for only thirty G’s?  WHY?  A jury would have seen the evidence of the students getting deliberately sprayed like bugs and awarded a much higher amount, there is no doubt in my mind.  Anyway the number has been established.  About $30k is what you could potentially get if you protest and get your rights violated by public servants turned rogue “authorities”.

Isn’t it ironic that these American youth’s best hope of earning $30,000 in a year was to protest and file a law suit?  The original incident happened last year and they just got this judgement so we will see how long it takes them to get their money.  Since they settled for a low amount I would assume they will get their money quickly but you never know, deceitful intent takes many forms.

Compare what these students did to what so called “rich” music moguls do.  Jay Z who used to wear Che Guevara t-shirts on stage ended up looking like a regular greedy corporate schmuck when he tried to profit off the occupy movement by selling T-shirts. When they asked him if he would contribute any proceeds to the Occupy protesters he said,”ha nope”.  Scam artist.

Planned Acts of Righteousness

In the 1960′s the civil rights leaders didn’t have basic respect in society so I don’t think they could take their issues before judges in the courts.  I don’t believe at that time judges at large would have heard their case criminal or civil.  This is why the extremely effective lunch counter sit ins and bus boycotts were organized.

Random Acts of Righteousness

To protest the fact that the City of Jacksonville, FL is in a deficit but found a way to spend $300 Million on a courthouse.

I believe in the future so, I had to do something.  I heard that it is now a criminal felony in America to write on the public side walk with chalk.  Everyone has their line and freedom of speech is a touchy topic on LlenRad so it hit a nerve.  Special shout out to Cheryl Aichele for having the courage to write on the sidewalk.  She stood up to the insane clown posse aka the LAPD. (Who recently killed Alesia Thomas by the way NO, we have not forgot.)   The LAPD is the most corrupt police in the country except for maybe the NYPD.  These clowns arrested Cheryl Aichele, locked her up, and charged her with a felony for standing up for her rights near people who are paid to defend her rights.  Now you see why people call them the insane clown posse.

This type of ignorance by an out of control corrupt government is what led to the LA Riots of the 1990′s.  However, the truth is as long as people can find justice in the courts there is no need to “take it to the streets”.  There are still judges out there like Katherine B. Forrest who haven’t fully forgot that the people have the rights.  I guess it’s true what people say, rights are like muscles you either use them or you lose them.  Isn’t it time to do some RIGHTEOUS workouts?  Let’s get in shape America.


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Check out what your boy HOV is doing in reaction to the big hurricane last week.  Is he out helping the people in Brooklyn?  Noooooo He’s hanging out with the president.  Power over people huh Jay?  I thought it was power TO the people?

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