How to celebrate American Con-Quest aka Christopher Columbus day

Does the truth make a difference anymore in 2012? Tomato Tomato exploration exploitation.

If people learned a different version of the official story would they still celebrate holidays like Columbus day and Thanksgiving the same?

What are the benefits and risks of accepting ignorance as intelligence?

It’s one thing to not know better it’s a completely different thing to not know and not want to know better.

What do you call wanting ignorance?  How has it affected American culture and values?

Did Christopher Columbus Discovered America?

People know the answer but act like they don’t, why?  The internet and encyclopedias are more than ample evidence of what really happened but this simple fact remains a mystery in the 21 century.  However, the annual federal holiday reminds the public every year of how important this propaganda is.

Do you believe that Christopher Columbus was a genius who discovered America?


Do you believe that Christopher Columbus was a genocidal maniac?

Many people are realizing the the latter is the truth more and more these days.  The evidence is there of what Christopher Columbus did to the native indigenous people who were just living their traditional lives when his ships arrived off their coasts.  Murder, exploitation, and slavery is what happened next thanks to Christopher Columbus and his gang of thugs.

What does this remind you of ?  Fast forward to the 21th Century and what you find is America doing things that would make Christopher Columbus proud like:

  1. The 2001 Afghanistan Invaision
  2. The 2003 Iraq Invasion
  3. The 2006 African Invaision
  4. The 2011 Libya Invasion
  5. Syria Invasion coming soon? Then Iran?

These wars are all based on the Christopher Columbus model aren’t they?  Show up with stronger power arms and take whatever the F you want right?  What’s the difference between what Columbus did and what American Forces + rebels are doing?

Have you read Geoffrey Ingersoll and Robert Johnson’s article this week about PFC Ted Daniels who is the star of a new viral You-Tube video that shows him exchanging fire with alleged Taliban fighters in the middle of no where on the side of a mountain.   Here’s two questions that probably have the same answer:  

  1. Why did PFC Daniels move from a location that was safe to one that was in the direct line of fire? (Did he think he had a force field?)
  2. Why are there still American troops fighting in the middle east?

The most interesting thing about this story was the Facebook image of PFC Ted Daniels standing in a heroin poppy field.  Now this is something that should really make Christopher Columbus proud.  Last year there were reports that troops were protecting Afghanistan poppy crops but this is taking it to another level.  This is just front street and main out in the open with it.  What else can you do when CONQUEST is the CONCEPT?



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