Huffpo and Bloomberg want your guns. Are Kitchen knives next?

Who has the rights the government or the people?  Think carefully before you answer because who ever has the rights should be picking up the tab.

The Huffington post and mayor Bloomberg want your guns.  They don’t directly say, “Give up your guns” but it’s exactly what they want.  The AOL-Times-Warner owned website now has an entire section dedicated to “GUN CONTROL”.  This should let you know they are serious, and they will take advantage of every opportunity no matter how tragic to further their agenda.

Why?  Gun control advocates believe that since they don’t want to own or possess guns you shouldn’t either.  It’s really that simple.  It’s about as complex as a child who can’t get what they want so they go and tell the nearest adult.  This is what they do to get their way.  I call it legalizing preferences.  Don’t like something someone is doing?  Make it illegal, FOR EVERYONE ELSE.

This is why you see more and more stories of regular life being made illegal each and every day.  The sad thing is these power control freaks are proud of their work.  Michael Bloomberg is the man behind STOP and FRISK a government-loves-you program that legalizes police harassment in New York City.   Bloomberg illegally authorized NYPD cops to randomly stop and “Shake down” Americans who are just minding their business walking down the street to the subway or whatever.  Basically its Neo-Jim Crow.

The sad truth about STOP AND FRISK is this is what GUN CONTROL looks like when it is implemented by control freaks like Mayor Bloomberg.  He won’t tell you that up front because he is far too strategic for that.  However if someone else gets shot in a rampage and it fits his agenda look forward to seeing his face pop up on your screen.  We should all ignore the open corruption of the NYPD and their illegal activities of spying on people based on religion or race.  Also we should ignore the shameful police brutality the NYPD  inflicted on female occupy protesters. We should also trust that police never commit crimes even though they continually get caught all the time selling drugs, raping, and killing people.

So Again, I ask you who has the rights is it the government or the people?  If a government “peace” officer has the right to randomly search Americans what rights do the people have?  The right to what get searched and arrested?  What about getting killed in your own home by thug cops is this the right of an American in the 21st Century?

Have you ever noticed whenever there is a mass shooting spree incident in Afghanistan like the last occurrence in March where troops went on a door-to-door killing rampage how come GUN CONTROL is not mentioned?  How come guns don’t need to be controlled in these cases?  It’s interesting where the guns need to be controlled isn’t it?  What about when the troops shoot troops is GUN CONTROL needed here?

So what’s next after STOP AND FRISK?  Well once the control freaks strip the people of their rights to own guns they’ll likely enforce it with nationwide STOP AND FRISK and then they might consider outlawing kitchen knives like they are doing in their glorious model of excellence, the U.K.  What do you think?  Can a man bring a gun or does a gun bring a man?


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