Is Mitt Romney a Sheikh?

The fully automatic gaffe machine-gun that is Mittens Romney mouth fired off again this week. Do you think there will be major collateral damage?

Have you heard about what he did this time?

What is the deal with Mitt can you figure it out?  Does he know everyone is watching?

Mariya Karimjee wrote a great article that explained how Mitt Goofed up yet again.

What’s the deal with this guy?  Doesn’t he know people are already skiddish about him?  Why does he think more botched public appearances will ease people’s negative perception about him?  I mean its not like people are calling him a wimp in public, oh wait, they are, damn.

Mitt was making comments at a fund raiser event with one purpose, “Demonstrate leadership by honoring the grieving sikh community” who’s temple was attacked  in a mass shooting in Oak Hill, Wisconsin.  Instead of referring to the people attacked as Sikh he called the people Sheikh’s.

Speaking of leadership the term that the genius Mitt used, “Sheikh” is an Arab phrase, a compliment really that basically means leader.  So it begs the question.


Has Romney really demonstrated leadership that you can believe in?  Don’t give me that he’s better than the other guy crap unless you mean better in terms of virtue.  This is what leadership is all about, right?

Jim Jones wasn’t a GOOD leader because he successfully led people into a mass suicide he was still a psychopathic maniac murder.  Accomplishing a goal of manipulating people does not mean you have excellent leadership abilities like Mitt claims.

Romney made his latest gaffe while speaking to “his base” at a West Des Moines Iowa country club and was either trying to appear genuinely concerned or was trying to come off smug and indifferent like “making a joke” or something.  Similar to how he seemed to want to get booed at the NAACP speech from earlier this year.  One thing for sure I bet there weren’t too many people from the Sikh community in the room.

Either way it doesn’t look good for Romney.  His excuse is that he is TIRED whenever he makes a new gaffe.  That’s what he said after stinking up a trip to London where he made local headlines, “Mitt the Twit”.  If elected he’ll be about 1000x’s more tired constantly, does that mean he’ll be off his game for four years straight?  Where will that leave America?

Are you someone that is on the fence about voting for Mitt Romney?  Do you think his gaffes reflect who he really is or is he as he says, just tired?


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