Is Resistance futile? #io12

Rest in peace Johnny Cochran.  He died due to brain cancer in 2005.  The tumor was formed on the same side of his head that he talked on his cell phone for who knows how many thousand hours.

Enter Google and their idea to put a computer on your face. Has anyone stopped to check if this is safe or not?  Who knows what risks could be caused from wearing an electronic device that constantly displays video right in front of your eyeball?

Its like becoming assimilated into the Borg.  There is no escape, or is it?

Computers are supposed to help us manage our life but what happens when the line is blurred and the computer thinks we are supposed to manage its life?  Have we lost control of the original point of computer technology?  Is something’s coolness more important that safety or practical use?

Here is a question, why do I need to have a computer display on my face?  How is that going to help me?  What I can’t look at my phone anymore?  Also, why do I need to be online and available for survellance continuously 24/7?  How does this help me?

Are we human beings or just users of some ever growing expanding social media website?

If you talk to adults they will tell you how bad spell check has hurt their spelling.  Some people are old enough to remember when calculators came out and teachers would say it will make you dumber.  Were they right?  Can you spell without spell check?  Can you do long division without a calculator?

What facts do you know without GOOGLING everything?  Obviously these glasses will make it possible to continuously cross referece every detail in your life with GOOGLE’s database.  If a calculator made you forget math what could this do to your memories of facts?  I’m not saying I’m just saying.  What do you think?


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  1. Joe says:

    So don’t buy them then.

    1. says:

      Do you plan on buying them?