Is Scientology the most dangerous religion?

YOU can’t talk about politics and religion but I can.  These types of concepts are not discussed openly in our controlled neutered society and I don’t think that helps anything.

Have you heard of Scientology? Honestly what do you know about it?

The first time I ever heard about it was when Tom Cruise went Sesame Street on Oprah’s couch. That was hilarious and I heard somebody clowning him saying he was brain washed by the “Scientology cult”.

It’s interesting that this news is coming out about Tom Cruise’s divorce a short time after Wikipedia announced that it was banning updates to its online encyclopedia from the Scientology church.

So which religion is the most dangerous?  Is it Scientology?

What is religion anyway?  Speaking of Wikipedia its website defines it as “a collection of cultural systems, belief systems, and worldviews that relate humanity to spirituality and, sometimes, to moral values.” 

“Sometimes” sounds about right.  Its seems everywhere you go you get a different story.  So which is the most dangerous religion?

Is it Islam?  In the American media Islam is portrayed as something to be affraid of.  The reports are always something about Islamists are doing this or some Muslim did that.  The eye catching line in the story is always related to the religion.  The words they make up are comedy.

Is it the Catholic religion? How many thousands of people have been victimized in the last few decades in their horrific child rape scandal?  Think about how many people never spoke out?  Is it still going on today?

Is it Jewish?  Why are Jewish people so angry at Muslims?  The Holocaust atrocity was a horrific crime against humanity.  However, it was not committed by Islamic terrorists it was committed by Christian and Catholic ones. Yes, the Pope and Britain and even George Bush’s Grandpa Prescott supported Nazis.  IBM too.

Is it the non-catholic Christians?  Seems like every month you hear of a new scandal in a “Christian” church or organization.  Black churches, white churches, all of em getting caught.  Each scam after the other is more unbelievable and shocking.

Is it the Mormons?  What is this belief about the black people are cursed?  If that belief is real that alone is a scandal.  There have also been reports in western states of polygamy abuse as portrayed in the HBO series BIG LOVE.

What about Hindu’s? The Christian community in Orissa, India was in the news in 2008 after reports that Christian people were attacked and forced to flee.   Let me know of any other stories.

What about Buddhism?  I read how the communist Chinese kicked the Dalai Lama out of China in the 1950′s.  The Dalai Lama is basically the Buddhist pope. It was interesting to see the American CIA involved with helping him resettle in India.  Why did China kick him out in the first place?  What was he doing with the CIA?

What about Atheism?  The ironic thing about Atheism is that these people don’t want to be in a religion but have been grouped into a religion by default.  If you don’t believe in anything how come this doesn’t also include “Atheism”?  Why accept any label since you don’t believe?

What about Satanists?  I am convinced Satanism is the MOST dangerous religion.  The problem is the people who practice it prefer to hide it instead of openly conducting their activities.  Alex Jones caught world leaders worshiping some weird huge 30 foot ancient symbolic idol.   Also, TV is being filled with more imagery of vampires and monsters and pentagrams where you as the viewer are fooled into cheering for, you got it, the DEMON.  Did you see the super bowl half time show?

What do you think?  What is the most dangerous religion?


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