Is the US Military Killing itself to Live?

Have you seen the recent news reports about increased casualties in the US Military?

Who is killing more American troops than terrorists in the middle east?

The US Military is already fighting a war against terrorists, insurgents, and ism/its to-be-named, can it win an all out war against this enemy too?


As long as there have been people there have been people fighting.  There have been people who have fought to take from others and there have always been people who have fought to defend themselves AND others.

Those people who signed up to defend others have always had a higher level of respect from society.

In my opinion it’s a form of common courtesy to show gratitude to someone who really is defending you and your loved ones from some hostile invading force.

What happens when the person defending you ends up fighting an enemy that is invisible to you?  You can’t see it.  Only they can.

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Is this the reality of war in the 21st Century?

War has traditionally been the result of one country deciding that it was going to invade another territory and strip the land of whatever it wanted, enslaving or oppressing the people there and dominating their society to benefit themselves.   Basically, the Christopher Columbus combo if you will?

Who thinks there is really a possibility that some terrorists are going to invade and occupy Americans?

Yeah right, some Osama Bin Laden wanna be’s are going to hit the shores and take over South Carolina or New Jersey?  Think about that for 5 seconds.  The terrorist dudes need to get a Navy first don’t ya think?

Honestly, I don’t think the terrorist in the middle east could beat the rednecks alone in America.  I would bet cash money on that.

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There are 300 million guns in America.  Americans are undefeated fighting invading armies from other lands.  Ask the clown price Harry  how well his family fared when they sent the red coats to America back in the day.  This is proof that nobody in the world is going to mess with this country the only way we are going to be defeated is if we do it ourselves.

UH OH.  Is this what is happening?

2012 is a year that will forever be remembered as the year when the troops turned on themselves.  The American military is slowly killing itself.  It has now been confirmed that each day someone in the military commits suicide.

Why is this happening?  Only they could know.  Here’s 3 contributing factors that lead American troops to kill themselves:

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  1. Side effects from Psychotropic drugs.  20% of troops or more are taking medications for mental illness.  This is not a healthy group unless you consider having to take a pill to keep from loosing your sh1t healthy.  The shameful atrocity here is the fact that the drugs have suicidal side effects that kick in when people STOP taking them.  Talk about double jeopardy. 
  2. Extreme depression.  Have you ever done something foul and then felt really bad about it later?  I mean really bad to the point that you cringe when you think about it later?  The most courageous people are the ones who stood up to defend America and stood up to the Military itself to set the record straight about what is causing suicides in the Military.
  3. Extreme betrayal.  They signed up to defend America and found out they were actually being used by psychopaths to attack and  hurt people for no reason.    Iraq Veterans against the war is bringing attention to what is happening. The reality of the situation is very sad.  I think all high school students should listen to what they have to say before they find themselves in a similar situation listening to one of those high pressure military recruiters.


This is why it is so important to incorporate a strict Romney family policy in our households when it comes to war.  JUST SAY NO.  Romney talks about sending troops here or there but his 5 sons never joined the military.  They never pointed a gun at nobody or ducked bullets from “insurgents”.  Mitt may look like it but he ain’t stupid he knows war is a racket.  It’s like they want the little people to fight and die to benefit them.  Well what I say is we are right behind you buddy.  As soon as you get off your arse and lead the fight then we’ll fall in behind you.  Until then STFU with all this non stop war war war bullsh1t straight up.

Special shout out to the trendy gun control advocates.  Just remember one thing, “People buy insurance in case something bad happens, people buy guns in case the sh1t hits the fan.”  Are you in good hands?

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