Is Wal-Mart Monetizing Mayhem?

What’s the deal with Wal-Mart?

Why is it every time you hear their name in the news it’s always negative with some criminal element attached?

Is crime the new normal in American business?

How does one fit morals into a monetization of mayhem scheme?


Seriously.  What’s the deal?  It’s like that old saying goes when you run with dogs you end up with fleas.  The Bentonville, Arkansas global retailer has been itching like a hound dog for decades.

Isn’t it time to take another look at what’s really going on with this puppy?

Consider this.  Referee Tim Donaghy was straight up fixing NBA games for years before he got caught, here’s a quote from Wikipedia on what happened when people took a close look at what was really going on:

Sports gambling expert R. J. Bell, president of sports betting information site, tracked every game Donaghy worked from 2003 to 2007. He discovered that during the two seasons investigated by the NBA, the teams involved scored more points than expected by the Las Vegas sports books 57 percent of the time… 

With the latest criminal episode in India hitting the news Wal-Mart will obviously deny, deny, deny and then “settle” as they have done in the past.  They will pay a small fee to some “authority” and keep operating just like paying a parking ticket but better.  After they pay their fine its “understood” that they are now “authorized” or “licensed” to commit more crime.

What would we find if we looked closer like the NBA did on allegations that Tim Donaghy was fixing NBA games.  Here’s a quote from NBA Commissioner David Stern:

“We would like to assure our fans that no amount of effort, time or personnel is being spared to assist in this investigation, to bring to justice an individual who has betrayed the most sacred trust in professional sports, and to take the necessary steps to protect against this ever happening again.” ….[Wikipedia]

Wow.  Pretty compelling.  Compare that to the statement from Wal-Mart in reaction to the garment factory fire in Bangledesh that killed 112 people:

Our thoughts are with the families of the victims of this tragedy. The Tazreen factory was no longer authorized to produce merchandise for Walmart. A supplier subcontracted work to this factory without authorization and in direct violation of our policies. Today, we have terminated the relationship with that supplier. The fact that this occurred is extremely troubling to us, and we will continue to work across the apparel industry to improve fire safety education and training in Bangladesh.

Yeah right, so TODAY.  they have terminated the relationship with that supplier now that there is a problem and people are dead.  That means they had a relationship with the supplier on the day the fire took place.  Also, if there was no fire they would still have that relationship in place, today.

It’s like Jay-Schmuck says, “It was all good just a week ago.”

Also, what do they mean when they say “…improve fire safety education and training”?  The people in India need a safe building to work in not a training manual that tells them to not blame Wal-Mart when something bad happens.

This shows what kind of person a corporation really is.  It sees its workers packed in an unsafe building with no fire escapes.  When a fire breaks out and people die it says, “Lets get them some education”.

This is shameful criminal behavior for any NATURAL person but its basically the status quo for the Wal-Mark corporate folks.  Here’s some of their most popular criminal art pieces:

  • 2012:  Wal-Mart shoplifter dies while being detained by security officer and employees.
  • 2012:  Wal-Mart faces federal investigation over bribing Mexican politicians.
  • 2012:  Walmart pays big fine for systematically overcharging customers.
  • 2012:  Walmart Fined By Labor Department For Denying Workers Overtime Pay, Agrees To Pay $4.8 Million In Back Wages.
  • 2011:  Wal-Mart fined $2 Million dollars for secretly buying life insurance policies on their employees and cashing in when they died.

 Is this new or just business as usual?  You be the judge.

  • 2010: Wal-Mart to pay $27.6 million over illegal toxic waste dumping crimes.
  • 2010: Wal-Mart loses $86 million lawsuit to California employees they denied wages.
  • 2009: Wal-Mart caught using child labor pays $135k in fines on sales of $284 Billion in the same year.
  • 2009: Wal-Mart to pay $40 million to settle labor lawsuit in Massachusetts.
  • 2008: Wal-Mart to Pay $54 Million to Settle Suit Over Wages.
  • 2007: Wal-Mart pays itself rent, gets large tax breaks.
  • 2006: Wal-Mart fined $78 Million by Pennsylvania jury for making employees work during their breaks, etc.
  • 2005:  Wal-Mart Agrees to Pay Fine in Child Labor Cases.

Wal-Mart is like the one big hit song from Shaggy back in the day, “It wasn’t me.

How Ironic is that. The name of the brand made in India is “Faded Glory”.

No matter what they always claim they are an upstanding, honest, and responsible company but every time you look all you find is a clear pattern of criminal behavior that inflicts mayhem on the lives of people world-wide.  These crooks steal labor from the people who cannot find anyone to represent them because well, Wal-Mart bribes the politicians.  Then, the clothes are imported into American stores where they steal labor again from the people in the US selling the clothes.  Then they steal again when they get caught over charging people buying the same merchandise.

What an amazing scam.

What is a racket?  Wikipedia says that a racket is an illegal business or scheme, usually run as part of organized crime.

Well what else are we witnessing here from Wal-Mart?  If it walks like a crook, talks like a crook, it’s probably a crook. 

Wal-Mart has optimized the process of systematic crime world-wide.  The evidence is in their very existence it’s like they can’t help it  a crook is a crook.

Before this terrible tragedy happened in Bangledesh the news was focused on the STRIKE that US based workers had organized on Black Friday.  I was shocked when I read that Wal-Mart was trying to get a judge to somehow force the workers to end their strike.  I also noticed the CNBC pundits doing everything they could to portray the workers as the bad guys because they don’t want to “go along” with the rich crooks.

 Well, I’m not going along with the rich crooks either.  I’m cancelling my Sams card and I’m making a VOW to never again shop at Wal-Mart unless it’s a serious emergency and its the only store open. 

PS - What makes all of this even worse is the fact that:

  • Bill Clinton is now asking Wal-Mart to open a store in Libya.  This insanity is now public and out in the open for everyone to see.  If this isn’t evidence of global conquest then you tell me what is?  Two years ago Libya was supposed to be a “terrorist haven” but NOW its a great place to go buy some stuff from Wal-Mart!?  WTF!?
  • Wal-Mart earns $15 billion in profits per year while 80% of its store employees are on food stamps.  Wal-Mart makes money when these employees conveniently make purchase with their food stamps before or after work.   So basically, Wal-Mart wants their employees to shop at their stores, they just don’t want to pay them enough to actually buy anything.  They want the government to do that.

Damn that’s cold. What do you think?

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