Isn’t Ralph Lauren just keeping it real with Chinese-made U.S. Olympic uniforms?

What’s real and what’s keeping it real?  This is the question that should have been asked when it was revealed that the 2012 United States Olympic team would arrive dressed to impressed with Chinese clothes on.  Welcome to Neo-America same great taste less valor and heart.

You may have already heard about this scandal as the news broke a few days ago.  Reports have surfaced showing that the extremely expensive outfits that the Olympic Athletes will be wearing were made by Chinese sweat-shop laborers earning less than a dollar an hour.

Yeah that’s the American way isn’t it?  Charge $500 for a shirt that you paid someone maybe a dollar to make.  That’s America isn’t it?  I mean it makes the individual the most amount of money right?  What is more American than that?

Politicians came out of nowhere shouting this down as BAD and NOT RIGHT and WHATEVER.  Representative Steve Israel said “Today there are 600,000 vacant manufacturing jobs in this country, and the Olympic committee is outsourcing the manufacturing of uniforms to China? That’s not just outrageous; it’s just plain dumb. It’s self-defeating.”

This is how the game is played isn’t it Steve?  Why all the outrage at the reality of the situation?  Why get mad when it’s you and your buddies the so called representatives who have voted to screw everything up in this county?  So now it’s an outrage that the U.S. Olympic team wears Chinese uniforms; but it’s not an outrage that GM gets $26 Billion in tax-payer bailout money to move US plants to CHINA?

In January 2011 Chris Isidore reported about GM, which closed 13 U.S. plants since its bankruptcy filing in 2009, and has opened 15 plants in China in the last 10 years.  

This is what is going on Steve.  So what are we supposed to do act different?

I heard it said that a capitalist will sell the executioner the rope to hang himself is that just who we are in America?  It definitely seems like this is who we have become.  What do you think?


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