Lady Gaga’s Secret Exposed

I never really understood the Santa Claus thing because my mother never taught us that bull crap.  Thanks mom for that.  I did however get the chance to see my peers and classmates growing up talking about this mythical creature who was supposed to show up in a fancy costume bearing gifts.

I used to always be like man we live in apartments, Santa Claus ain’t never came to no apartments, not even in the movies he don’t come to apartments, PLUS we aint got no fireplace or a chimney.

Anyway people still believe in Santa to this day why do you think this is?

Lady Gaga is just like Santa Claus minus the gifts and reindeer.  The idea is that you accept the character as real when it is very far away from that indeed.  This is why I felt it necessary to expose the Gaga.  I noticed too many young people growing up with the wrong impression and it’s time to let the cat out of the bag.  I guess it’s a dog in this case. LOL



  • This may be BREAKING NEWS or obvious to some of you and many will still want to deny this. It’s ok.
  • Dudes.  If you still have the hots for GAGA after reading this guy code requires you to admit you’re partially gay to your buddies.
  • The anorexia thing is just a distraction from the fact that the more weight GAGA puts on the more he looks like an everyday beer drinking dude wearing a lamp shade and random items from a thrift store.
  • Face it Women just don’t look like that.

Ask the men of renown about real genuine women and their effect.  It is true, WOMEN have an intoxicating unavoidable attractiveness that is a part of their very being.  Think i’m kidding look at how ALL TYPES of WOMEN are ATTRACTIVE when you ask random MEN.  Women radiate with a glow that is not seen but definitely felt and detected by EVERYONE.  Since the beginning of time men have been goo-goo GAGA over women.  No pun intended lol.  

>> DON”T MISS: If there’s no rooster and chicken you can’t have an egg <<

I don’t hate my gay family members and I don’t hate gay people.  I love my family and I have love for all people gay or straight even you haters.  

What I’m against is insanity.

The idea that a man can take the place of a women is the definition of insanity.

The ancient Romans and Greeks promoted this same foolishness with their mucho grande pro-homo culture.  They would have men playing the roles of women in all their plays.  Imagine for generations children grew up watching men in romantic scenes with other men dressed as women.  Obviously, they would then grow up and emulate these lies they witnessed. Call it what you want but this is foolishness personified.

Keep watching and you’ll notice the same theme continuing in the twenty first century.  You may not have heard about the track star Samukeliso Sithole that was EXPOSED for being a man before he competed against women.  I guess he was like, “Damn, I Can’t beat the dudes, I know what I’ll do, I’ll act like I’m a girl.”  COME ON MAN!

This whole thing is about marginalizing women and bringing them down from their highest of the high peak that they belong.  I love women so I am standing up for you while you are too busy paying attention to estrogen overdrive AKA reality TV shows.  You better pay attention ladies, girls, women.

Maybe you didn’t hear about Jenna Talackova who was kicked out of the miss Universe beauty pageant because well, dude looks like a lady and they found out his secret.

Society may have lost its mind but that doesn’t mean I have.  Women better start paying attention to what is happening before it’s too late. I can only say this straight so you’ll understand me.  The rights due to our women is not just the ability to have an abortion.  Women have an invaluable place in our society.  The role of the men should be opening doors for women not dressing up like them to get their foot in the door first.

What do you think?  Is GAGA another case of dude looks like a lady?


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Thanks for Reading. Did you know when you SHARE or COMMENT you get more followers? Check out my latest projects: Progression of a Sellout - Closed Sourced Morals. 

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