#London2012 – Are You Ready? Mitt Romney sure wasn’t

Romney recently put his foot in his mouth, AGAIN on his big fancy European tour in which he gaffed, on the preparedness of the Olympics by the host city London.  He basically said the shortage of security available and the rumors of a strike are not encouraging.  Sounds sensible enough right?

The trendies got all excited that he would dare make these types of comments.  What is he thinking to question the awesomeness of the London Olympic planning committee.

It is his reaction to the trendies that I found interesting.  What did Mitt Romney do when people appeared irritated at his comments, oh he just changed the comments.

I have been asking people if they thought Romney was a flip flopper and this type of stuff keeps coming up that makes it almost impossible to believe in this guy.

One second he says one thing in then in the next situation he changes what he says almost like a brand new mood ring. (When they’re old they don’t change colors as fast.)

Now the issue is not about how prepared London is or isn’t it’s about the fact that Romney will fold when his views meet pressure.  Is Romney really tough enough to lead?

George Bush proved one thing for sure you can lead a nation if all you have is balls.  Right or wrong people will follow you if you just stick to your principle.   George W’s principle was death, mayhem and destruction and his presidency was an unnatural disaster The United States is still recovering from.  However, he is still considered a strong leader by plenty Americans because he stuck to his putrid, infected, malignant principles.  He wasn’t a flip-flopper he is a criminal.

Romney wants you to believe he is one of the big dogs and not some underling but it sure is hard to tell.  U.K. Prime Minister David Cameron came out and basically smacked Romney for speaking out of turn and now Mitt just looks like a clown.  David obviously has to protect the status quo and say all the right things rather London is ready for the Olympics or not.  The issue is now Romney can’t say anything to reply except make nice and he knows it.

The sad thing is his Euro-tour was supposed to show off his “stature” next to other heads of state instead he ends up coming off like an unprepared poser.  Now he is trying to damage control, doesn’t look like a successful trip Mitt.  What do you think?


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