MARS, Common Sense, and Scientists.

People are still rejoicing over the news that NASA landed on MARS two weeks ago.  Some people still don’t care.

Where does Common Sense fit into the picture when you talk about science?

Is it true? Can you really be too smart for your own good?  Socrates was credited with saying that if I know something I know I that I know nothing.

Fast forward a few thousand years and our modern day scientists claim they know everything because well, they’re NASA and they know it.

They promote their endless theories as FACTS and when you ask for proof they call you CRAZY for not BELIEVING them.  So now we are supposed to just TRUST the scientists?  Isn’t that what they claim you’re not supposed to do?  Have these dudes lost their freak’n minds?


Once you log off  your computer which is less and less these days you go back to the “real world”.  You know the world where when you say horrible things to people like the comments I see online you could end up hurt, you know physically.

This is the world the trendies have forgot about. Maybe they are planning on leaving the planet?  That actually would make some sense based on how things are going on Earth.

While billions was spent on space rockets the FOOD STAMP roles have been increasing at a staggering pace.  In 2011 tax payers borrowed $76.7 Billion to pay for the millions of people in the country who cannot afford to EAT.  In 2012 that number is expected to break an all time record, AGAIN.

To make matters worse hundreds of banks that received BAILOUT money have not paid it back.  Now it has been reported that many of the banks that did pay tarp back used  TAX-PAYER money to do so.  That’s a double wammy if I have ever heard of one.

Is this an example of what happens when you have too much INTELLIGENCE and too little KNOWLEDGE?

I think scientists may have the wires mixed up somewhere.  What if they considered an amazing accomplishment of mankind to be the first generation with no people starving?

Why are these dreams impossible to accomplish but landing spaceships on MARS is a piece of cake?



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