Mitt Romney’s FIVE sons: Join the Military, are you freaking crazy?

What is it that the Romney clan knows and we don’t?  Why is it that ALL 5 of Mitt Romney’s sons chose to skip joining any branch of the military?  ARMY, NAVY, AIRFORCE, MARINES

Think about that for a second.

They could have chose to enter the military at any level they wished and at any time of their choosing.  They could have enlisted they could have went to a military academy and started their career as an officer.  Still they decided, no-way Jose.

They could have even joined the reserves later just to “get involved”, right?  RESERVES  Wrong.  This is a consistent pattern.  Is it something that the Romney’s know and we don’t? Are they being taught to avoid the military at all cost?

Mitt Romney just returned from his big fancy I look important on the world stage tour.  After a rough visit in London one of his staffers ended up cussing out the press in Poland and then he went to Israel.  There he wanted to put on the appearance of a stanch advocate and supporter of Israel.  Sadly these days this means promoting wars.

He said that Jerusalem is the capital of Israel.  Then the AP reported Romney supports an Israel strike on Iran.

I’m like wow this guy really wants more wars.  I’m sure if he was elected he would say he is a WAR president like Bush did.  I wonder why Barack doesn’t call himself a war president?  (…that’s another topic though)

Back in school you learned that the worst people were the instigators.  The ones who liked to see OTHER people fight.  They liked seeing fights so much that they would try to get people fighting with each other for little to no reason.  Why is it that Romney wants to cheer on new wars but at the same time not volunteer ANYONE in his family to help?  He won’t even verify how much taxes he is paying to help pay for the wars.  He’s like “NOT IT”.

In Israel it was reported recently that they are now drafting Arab and Orthodox jews into their military.  Women already have been included in their draft which requires all Israeli people to fight in their wars.  (Ask Barack if he would send his daughters into war.)

Romney says he supports Israel. Does he really?  The easiest thing to do is talk this is what instigators do.  They talk.  Meanwhile it’s the other people who do the fighting and in war the dying.

He was once quoted as saying his sons ARE serving their country by helping him get elected.   WOW, this guy is just amazing the things he comes up with.  John Mccain is an obvious war monger but at least he served in the military.

Do you really believe in Mitt Romney?


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