NASA: Americans don’t need MONEY they need a Mars landing

Maybe you have heard this saying, “Sometimes people are just too smart for their own good.”

Is this what happened to the politicians and scientists who now support NASA getting tax-payer money to go to Mars?

If you are wondering why you may be broke over the next few decades maybe it’s because these geniuses decided it made more sense for NASA to have trillions of dollars to play with rockets than for you to have it in your pocket.

The truth is the United States is out of money.  The fact that we keep spending doesn’t prove that we are financially strong or capable.  It just demonstrates how STUPID we really are.  We just keep acting like everything is copacetic and because we act this way we consider our behavior as proof that things are ok.  This is insanity.

It’s like the stories of the people who suffer from compulsive shopping.  Nothing seems to get them to stop until that credit card is declined.

Yesterday the FED basically said he is out of tricks to “inject” money into the econonmy.  So it looks like the loans may be coming in less frequently than the politicians in Washington D.C. Expect.  (Look out for a debt ceiling increase soon.)

Not even reality will stop these clowns from making these dreamy commitments to “discover” other planets.  As usual they have no grasp on the costs as no one can predict what they will be.  The projections are in the multi-trillions.  This is like a women on welfare buying a small Caribbean  island or something.  Do you think Bank of America would float her the loan?

How can she possibly afford that if she can’t afford to take care of herself?  Same question goes for the United States.

Today they are reporting that 50% of American counties are in a state of disaster.  We have city after city going bankrupt.  The deficit breaks a new record every second why?

The elected “representatives” haven’t passed a budget but they want to go to Mars.

Are politicians planning to go to Mars because this is where they are from?  That sure would explain a lot.  What do you think?



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