New York City Police Department: We’re bad as we wanna be

Maybe mayor Bloomberg is KINDA right.  Maybe the New York Police Department needs some time off.  Recently Mayor Bloomberg said police should go on strike until Americans hand over their guns.

Now to be clear I don’t think the NYPD should play chicken with the American people over THEIR guns.  I just think maybe they need some time off to reflect on what they have become and what they should be.

I know there are people who believe that you must crack some skulls in order to maintain order but those people aren’t the one’s getting their skulls cracked, yet.

Recently it was revealed what the NYPD is really up to.  You may have thought that they were focused on making citizens safe and free from crime but evidence shows what many have complained about for years.  Cellular level corruption at the very core of the NYPD.

Here are the 3 Reasons the NYPD is Bad as they want to be:

1.  Mayor Bloomberg’s #STOPANDFRISK.

In a thousand years when people study our culture they will question why did we elect billionaires to lead us?  Being rich means that you are good at manipulating situations to benefit your interests.  This doesn’t mean that you should be in charge of other people.  These “businessmen” tend to develop insane egos and end up abusing power.  Bloomberg is a national embarrassment.  He says that he is a democrat and “for the people” while STOPPING and FRISKING almost a million New York area residents a year.  Safety to him means having to explain to police officer at gun point where you are going and emptying your pockets just for walking outside.  Its like hey stop freeze SPREAD EM’ are you a TERRORIST!?

2.  SPYING and STALKING people based on race/religion.

These control freak ego maniacs seriously were following and recording certain groups of people outside of their jurisdiction in areas as far away as New Jersey.  In fact the spying is so well documented that the AP could win a Pulitzer prize for their investigation.  This is right out of the movies where the cop goes on his own rouge mission like Die Hard or something.

What exactly are these idiots trying to accomplish other than confirming that they have lost their minds and a whole lot of tax payer money due to their compulsive habit to misuse and abuse power.  Lawyers and plaintiffs are about to get paid.

They will come up with some flim-flam excuse of why they need to tap non-white people’s phones and say they are not racist.  Even though the Feds found evidence to the contrary when they tapped NYPD phones.


Power control freaks just don’t get it.  The more you try to stop someone from doing what they have a right to do the more they will do it.  The NYPD didn’t like that someone painted a mural referring to them as murderers so they had plain clothes police officers come paint over it.  What will they do to the millions of people who will download and post this image everywhere?  It’s sad to think that you can control other people by force but these pea brains keep trying.  How long until this mural is repainted somewhere else in NY?

The NYPD seems to have lost the point.  The criminals are supposed to be the ones who take rights away from people.  The police should distinguish themselves from criminals but instead they seem to be inspired by them.  It’s as if they would rather try to control people than just leave them alone or protect and server them.


The list above doesn’t even include what the NYPD did to the occupy protesters with the whole world watching.  There is a new report  that confirms the police used excessive force against the occupy protesters.  This should lay the groundwork for serious liability.

Don’t forget the NYPD got caught stealing and selling guns to thugs.  This is what the trendies don’t understand about gun rights.  The criminals don’t follow rules rather they wear a uniform or not.  This is why self defense is a non-negotiable topic.  Who will protect you when the criminals have uniforms and badges?

My questions is what do you think will happen? Will there be any changes made voluntary or will people have to file law suits or protest, again for reform?


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