No Hope No Change maybe next time Obama will make it rain?

Why was Barack Obama catapulted into the White house on a tidal wave of loyal support from Americans far and wide in 2008?

How did he pull it off?  Why did so many people show up to support his presidential campaign?

How many people have stopped supporting him and why?

What will happen in Obama’s Second Term?



I was inspired to write this story after two young people showed up at my house yesterday promoting Obama for president.  I began talking with them to ask them WHY they were doing this?  I was surprised that they could not really explain why they were spending their Saturday afternoon knocking on strangers’s doors.

I asked them what has Obama done to improve the lives of ordinary Americans especially black people since they and I are African-Americans?

I’m not trying to knock Morehouse and Spellman but these two college kids seriously couldn’t  answer these basic questions.  I asked them about STOP-AND-FRISK a policy that Mayor Bloomberg has instituted in New York that has resulted in hundreds of thousands of illegal searches of black people just because they were standing on the sidewalk.  I asked them if they could imagine walking down the street and a police officer roles up on them with guns drawn demanding to see papers yelling, “FREEZE hands UP or I’ll SHOOT!”

I asked them had they ever heard of DWB or driving while black?

DWB DRIVING WHILE BLACK.  When the police only pulls over and harasses  black people as statistics proved this was happening in several parts of the country for years and years.  It even happened to Warrick Dunn just last year, I mentioned his name to them and they did recognize the All-pro NFL running back’s name.

They never heard of DWB though.

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I’m like WOW.

Then it dawned on me how OLD maybe I have gotten and how fast time flies by.  What seemed to me like only a few years ago actually has been over a decade and the two youth I was speaking with were probably not even out of elementary school yet.

I asked them how old they they were and they both said 18 .

Think about that for a second that means on September 11 2001 you know the day the new America started they were only 7 years old.  These two are basically the age of the kids that BUSH was watching read the pet goat story as he was “notified” about the attacks on the World Trade Center buildings.  Its crazy.

Now they have grown up to voting age and are out campaigning for a president and they don’t even know why they’re doing it?

One of them asked me so what are you going to do, VOTE for ROMNEY?

I was like #1 why would I tell some random stranger who knocked on my door who I would vote for?

One of them mentioned something to the effect of Obama’s better than Romney like he’s the lessor of two evils.

I asked the female does she hang around EVIL people?  Does she hang out with family members that she considers EVIL?  Would she go out on a date with a guy she thought of as EVIL?  It’s like would you rather be tricked or cheated?

She had a look on her fact like something had just dawned on her.

We then discussed Abortion and the fact that there would be TWICE the amount of black people in this country if it wasn’t for abortion which is the #1 cause of death for black people in America.

I asked the guy who was with her if he would be willing to die for Obama?  Would he join the military and go over to Libya or some other foreign country and die in one of  Obama’s numerous wars?

He looked like a deer caught in the headlights.

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I think young people see this stuff on television and it just isn’t really real to them.

The current in the status quo river is very strong.  Many have tried to swim across but few make it without being swept away by the high pressure power surge of deception.  The propaganda media smut-merchants are constantly dumping foolishness and filth on the public and the truth is its marketing and it obviously is having the desired effect.  It confuses people and gets them to do silly stuff that they ordinarily would never do.   Like:

  • Joining the military to fight someone else’s war thousands of miles away against and for WHO?  You’ll never get to know but you might get cancer sprayed on you by a military contractor.
  • Being 18 years old and spending your Saturday afternoon knocking on people’s doors for a candidate you don’t even understand.
  • Supporting evil policies like torture, drones attacks, and TSA perverts



Has things gotten better since Obama was elected?  Lets take a look at Barack’s grades:

  • PEACE.  Barrack Hussein claims he ended the IRAQ war.  He promised to bring the troops home.  Today there are still thousands of military personel and contractors in Iraq.   To make maters worse since he has been in office he has started TWO BRAND NEW wars.  One in Libya and one in Syria.  In both cases Barrack Obama admits to providing assistance to people he calls rebels who everyone knows are terrorists while claiming he is fighting terrorism.  He has been openly beefing with IRAN for no reason.  He got caught sending a drone there and then asked for it back like an buster.  He even passed laws declaring the United States a WAR zone and gave himself the power to kill and or detain indefinitely whoever he says is helping terrorists.  He also has a secret kill list and has started killing Americans.   - GRADE F
  • JUSTICE.  Barrack Hussein Obama the first black man in the oval office you would think he might remember the plight of the black man in America.  You would think that he would stand up to make sure all people especially blacks have equal protection under the law.  Not.  Barrack has been caught with the Prime Thug smuggling guns and cocaine across the US-Mexico boarder.  The guns he sent down there resulted in the death of who knows how many people including border patrol agents. Who gets in trouble?  Nobody.  When the banking thugs wanted to get away with committing mortgage fraud what do they do?  Just pay off the Prime Thug and they basically get a license to falsify documents, forge signatures,  and  straight up steal people’s houses.  To make matters worse Barack Obama is the #1 leader of all presidents in the history of the United States for charging whisle blowers as spies.  Some people do the right thing when they see crimes being comitted, Barack says these people are the criminals I guess because they Snitched on him.  -GRADE F
  • FREEDOM.   I know it may sound to some but the president of the United States is supposed to be defending the constitution which is a document explaining the rights of the WE the American People.  It is clear that he is working to defend Americans rights by first taking them all away.  In 2012 you can’t get on an air plane unless you prove to perverted workers in the TSA that you’re not a terrorist.  They want to see naked pictures of you and your children or feel on your crotch first.  Obama says its needed because it helps homeland security boss Michael Chertoff get rich since he owns the company that sells the scanners to the airports.  Meanwhile  we the people are supposed to ignore the fact that the feds have been caught trying to sneak the underwear bomber on a plane.  Luckily Kurt Haskell was courageous enough to step up and say what he saw.  Where was he defending the rights of the protesters in the last few years?  -GRADE F

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Barack Obama has been a miserable failure as a president and the United State is Failing.

My only hope is that Obama has a change of heart and decides to actual stop supporting evil and come to the light.  He still has time to represent for ordinary Americans and make it rain for US instead of a handful of inside buddies.  Imagine if he was like the president in the gang (YOU HAVE TO WATCH THIS 30 min):


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