No Serena Thank you & Venus too.

Everybody knows we needed to hear some good news in this country and BAD.  Thanks Serena you did it, you provided the good news we needed to hear.  Yeah you won your 5th championship at the worlds most popular tennis tournament but you actually did more than that.  You made us happy again.

I think this victory is a huge moment for Americans celebrating our independence from the British.  What’s a better way to celebrate being an American than going over to Britain and straight kicking @ss?  Yeah happy fourth of July David Cameron.  I got your Jubilee right here.

Serena we know you have already made enough money that you don’t need to play tennis anymore.  You could go hangout with celebrities and “popular” people and eat the best foods and drive the hottest cars all day.  Who wouldn’t just do that if they had the option?  But nooooooo, you are not satisfied with that are you?   You had to put yourself out there to the hellafied critical public and risk the failure of falling flat on your face.  Why take the chance?

I’ll tell you why.  You are an American champion.  Good is not good enough for American Champions.

Special shout out to your parents too.  Special Notice to all the deadbeat father’s and Mother’s out there this is what can happen if you take time and invest it in your kids.  Everyone has a different talent, your child could be the best but you won’t know if you never spend time with them.

What an inspiration.  I really don’t think people know how far Serena had fallen from the top of the tennis world in recent years.  This is where success can suck I guess.  We had become accustomed to hearing the Williams sisters win again at pretty much all the major tournaments but actually Serena had been injured and battling through a wicked slump.  She had lost to people everyone knows she would have crushed a few years ago so “experts” started to write her off as as “past her prime”. Well, we see what happens when you choose to believe instead of listen. What do you think?

*** UPDATE ***

Venus & Serena just won their 5th Wimbledon doubles title.  Venus already has five Wimbledon single titles and Serena just won her 5th this year.  This means the magic number this year is 5-5-5.  

Congrats x 5! What an amazing accomplishment. Awesome.


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