Non Hurricane Sandy Scares New Yorkers STRAIGHT and sets the stage for FEAR politics

S U R P R I S E ! ! !  It’s an October Hurricane in New York City.

Who could have predicted that?

Now that the storm has passed isn’t it time for the clowns to come out of the circus tent?




The timing of the news is what is very important and interesting.  Here it is the morning after the storm and the New York Times already has an article out promoting the idea of big Government.  What’s weird about the article is it doesn’t give credit to any writer it just says its an editorial who wrote this crap?  What, they couldn’t find anyone willing to put their name on it?

These self dealing con artists just can’t get enough can they?  Get ready to hear all the big government clowns in suits on the television applauding their own efforts and patting themselves on the back.  Next thing you know they’ll be handing out the big clean up contracts.  Guess who will be getting those?  Hmmmmm I wonder who contributed to the campaign?

Flava Flav told us not to believe the hype Y U NO LISTEN?

Listen up New Yorkers.  I know as a natural Floridian it may seem like I am making light of your little baby storm situation but the fact is:

  • That storm was weak as hell.  I watched the live reports last night as the storm was supposedly hitting New York and the news footage didn’t even look like anything from a hurricane.   Maybe a mild thunderstorm.  Many of the images were of reporters standing in the street with light rain and mild to calm winds.  Where’s the NYC footage of anything even close to KATRINA?  You remember the imagery there, that was a NATIONAL DISASTER.  The only disaster I have seen so far is the media portraying this non-hurricane as some apocalyptic SUPER STORM.
  • Politicians are unscrupulous scandalous wolves in sheep’s clothing.  Actually they wear mobster suits these days, pin stripes for the pimps.  There is nothing these clowns won’t do to exploit a situation.  Who thinks that this storm will not be used by Obama to renew his white house bid?  President Obama has already declared a “major disaster in New York City and Long Island”.  Where’s the major destruction to go with this major disaster designation?
  • The Government probably cut the lights out.   Who else could have done it?   last night as Fox News showed the city many buildings still had their lights on including the new World Trade Center building.  Mark my words.  It will be revealed that the government’s cronies are responsible for the lights going out and they’ll get caught trying to delay cutting them back on for as long as possible to extend the perception of a real “catastrophe”.  This is what happened in New Orleans and the gulf coast to the Katrina survivors who were betrayed by politicians too busy handing out contracts to their buddies and telling people to give money to the RED CROSS who got caught stealing.
The fact that both the Mayor of New York city Mikey Mike B and the Governor of New York both made statements urging New Yorkers to stop using 911 to report non emergencies  is proof that there is no disaster.  If there was a disaster people would have been calling 911 screaming about their family who was trapped and needed to be rescued.  Remember Katrina?  Remember how people desperately pleaded for days for help?  This Not-a-hurricane-Sandy is all about fear mongering marketing being executed with the precision of a symphony orchestra.  The New York philharmonic should be impressed by the amazing coordination between the media outlets.  Pre-paid pundits on television are just regurgitating the same talking points over and over again hyping the hype and pumping it up like a hip hop hype man(Shout out to Flav). All over a disaster that never happened.


In 2010 an earthquake nearly destroyed the tiny island country of Haiti.  The newly elected President Obama pledged $100 Million in immediate aid and rebuilding to help the country.  Hurricane Sandy has exposed how little has actually been done as so many people still homeless from the earthquake have now had their tents and temporary homes destroyed by Hurricane Sandy.  Make sure you do research on any charity before you give them your money.  I recommend feed my starving children.  They have an awesome program that feeds children in Haiti and they don’t have a record of stealing like the Red Cross and Wyclef.


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I told you the politicians would start their flim flam.

The first Monday after the storm what’s the head line?  It’s Global Warming, Stupid



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Jim Cramer interviews Kimco Realty Corp. president & CEO who says that none of their property experienced any major damage.  Meanwhile the damage totals for the storm keep doubling ever couple of days now its at $50 Billion GREATER THAN HURRICANE ANDREW that absolutely flattened south Florida!?


Senator Chuck Shumer Goes to area hit hard for photo op is confronted by women saying they are going to freeze to death.  The Senator admits that THEY closed the harbor so no gasoline could get in and he says he came there to help them but didn’t bring any supplies just cameras and the press.  No food no gas no water just bs and a hug.



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* NY governor begins probe of state power companies

* Flood-damaged homes need repairs before power restored

* Over 8,000 LIPA customers that can receive power still out


  • Frustration grows as power still out



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  1. Melissa says:

    You are nuts. You talk about fear mongering but That’s exactly what you’re doing with your conspiracy theories about the power being shut off by the government. And If you think it was a non-event just because the damage didn’t reach the height of that in Haiti in your opinion then I suggest you take a look at the shore communities that drowned, not just the midtown areas of NYC. There WAS a major disaster; there are people who are homeless, without food, water or clothing. They are living in shelters not knowing if the will ever get back on their feet because they lost everything. Over 100 people lost their lives but maybe that number isn’t high enough for you to consider it important.

    1. says:

      lol. I have to call it like I see it Melissa. The chips are going to fall anyway.

      thanks for reading. > Check out the updates this thing isn’t over you’ll see.