Obama on AK-47s: Americans No Foreign rebels YES

It may seem that Romney is having the worst week in terms of Gaffes but here is one BIG’EN by Obama that the press may have missed.  This week at the urban league Barack Obama said , “…gun owners would agree AK-47s belong in the hands of soldiers not in the hands of criminals”.

WHAT!?  This seems like a comment everyone could agree with right or is it?  What does he mean AK-47s belong in the hands of soldiers and not criminals?  Does this mean if you have an AK and you’re not a soldier then you are a criminal?

People overlook this stuff but as time goes by policy eventually is presented that mirrors this rhetoric.  Barack is saying a very strong statement that really is mind blowing on a number of levels.

Does he know that The United States armed forces have never been issued AK-47s by the Government?  The AK-47 is a Russian made assault riffle.  It is popular worldwide but anyone who knows anything about the military knows American troops use M-16s.  Why doesn’t Barack know what gun the troops use, he’s only the commander in chief?

Unless, he is talking about the rebel troops worldwide that his administration illegally arms, THE REBELS may have been getting AK-47s from the government.  Like the Mexico drug cartels he helped out with the Fast and Furious machine gun walking operation led by Eric Holder.  Maybe it was the Al-Qaeda rebels in Libya and Syria that he supported with machine guns even though they’re “terrorists“.  Maybe THE REBELS is who he’s talking about when he says only TROOPS should have AK-47s?

In the same speech Barack said he wanted to build a consensus with some trendy organizations on how to keep guns out of the hands of mentally unbalanced peole.

This is more evidence that he thinks there is a law or bill HE can pass or sign that will overturn a constitutional right.  The king of the trendies thinks gun rights is just like global warming, claim you have a consensus then BAM start fining and taxing people.

Barack please read more of the constitution than the part that makes the president the executive.  You can’t take away an American’s right to self defense.  There are amendments to the constitution you know its called the bill of rights, you’re supposed to protect these not try to take them from us.

Also what does he mean that he doesn’t want “MENTALLY UNBALANCED” people to get guns?  Does that mean he wants to take guns away from United States troops?  Maybe you haven’t heard about the extremely high percentage of the United States Military that is taking psychiatric drugs.  That should qualify you as MENTALLY UNBALANCED shouldn’t it?

He said he would pursue “common-sense” measures to make sure mentally unbalanced people cannot get their hands on guns.  Does this mean you have to get approved to buy a gun by an Obamacare inspector?

I wonder if this type of stuff is what makes people constantly doubt Barack’s faith.  Would he have outlawed slingshots so David couldn’t protect himself from Goliath to be trendy?  What do you think?


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