Obama or Romney a how-to pick guide for Independent voters

Have you noticed that SOME people get annoyed by the idea that someone is an Independent and hasn’t made up their mind yet?

Are partisans just partitions dividing Americans?

Is it possible for a candidate to satisfy the People, the party, and the Constitution?


The reality television series is going for gold this week with it’s main event happening on the first day.  The incumbent president Obama lost the first debate and rebounded with a victory in the second.  The challenger Governor Mitt Romney seemed to be gaining momentum after the first debate but his #BindersOfWomen gaffee in the second debate cooled his jets and lit the internets on fire.

So, how do you choose a candidate if you’re independent?



I think you would do best if you started off with why you should NOT choose a candidate.   Here’s 3 reasons you should never pick your candidate:

  1. RACE.  Ethnicity or skin color  should not be the reason why you vote for anyone.  The reason for this is that ethnicity or skin color is not an indicator for a good or bad person.  This is the most ignorant lesson that most people learn from racism.  Victims on both sides further hurt themselves and others when they believe the problem with someone is their ETHNICITY, not character.  Don’t be silly.
  2. Lessor of two evils.  Think about who you are now serving  if you admittedly support evil?  Think about it for a second.  Would you rather be TRICKED or CHEATED?  Seriously, if you ordered food from a restaurant and they said it would have a scab on it or a dead fly which would you choose?  People wake up, use your head before its too late.
  3. Your Job.  Sadly America is becoming more and more controlled especially in management positions where it is expected that employees fall in line with the companies political alliances.  This is what leadership is all about stop following so hard you don’t want to end up like Farnell.



How an Independent voter should choose between Romney and Obama?

Obama said he was about peace before he invaded Libya and now the media is talking about what did or didn’t happen at the embassy on September 11th.  Everyone has instantly forgot about the fact that the invasion of Libya and assassination of Muammar Gaddafi itself is evil, immoral, and illegal.  However it is Surprisingly American.  Bad news is he is doing it again in Syria.  Same story same bull.

George Bush said that Saddam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction but when Joe Wilson wouldn’t co-sign his lies the Bush Administration retaliated by outing the identity of the man’s wife CIA agent Valerie Plame.  Once this happened people forgot about the whole Saddam Hussein WMD thing and focused on the Valerie Plame Joe Wilson story.

George Bush endorsed Mitt Romney in May.

Mitt Romney has said at one point or another that he supports or is against just about every single issue.  Abortion, Gun Rights, Taxes, you name it if he says it wait a little while and he’ll say something else.  These guys are all the same.


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Lies beget lies and eventually lies beget wars

SAME STORY:  Saddam Hussein using chemical weapons on his  own people.

SAME STORY:  Muammar Gaddafi is using chemical weapons on his own people.

SAME STORY:  Syrian President Bashar al-Assad is using chemical weapons on his own people.

COMING SOON:  IRAN is using chemical weapons on their own people?


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  1. AJ says:

    Hmmm, So I am happy to see you saying Rebulicrats or demopublicans are close to the same. But wait not mentioning other options? A ling to a article saying not to vote?

    There are plenty of other options if more people actually did a little research. Dr. Jill Stien of the Green Party? Gary Johnson of the Libretartians?

    As for not voting, that is just saying “I don’t care and want whatever garbage is thrown at me. If more people voted for parties that matched them and less of “I am voting for the party I hate less of these 2″, then some things will change.

    1. Most publicity as they are getting more of the voter percentage.
    2. More government funding once they reach a certain percentage.
    3. Forces media and the 2 main parties to actually start paying attention as competition is reintroduced.

    So well telling someone it doesn’t matter is great. But really does no one see their is other options!! America has a large syndrome of learned helplessness. Go ahead keep shooting yourselves in the feet.

    1. llenrad.com says:

      I don’t think Americans are having too much fun at the republican democrat party.

      Maybe its time to start another one but part of me thinks that the party system itself is the problem what about direct democracy? New Paradigm.