Obama supports rebels & more wars b1tches

Syria shares a border with Iraq.  Syria produces 401,000 barrels of oil per day as the worlds 34th oil producer.  The oil production at $90 per barrel is worth $3,609,0000 a day.

Obama supports the rebels who are in the process of over throwing the government.  Does this sound like bringing the troops home to you?  Does this sound like ending wars?  Is this peace? Nope just more war b1tches.

What happened in America where we went from defending our house to running around the neighborhood with a gun looking for somebody to shoot?  If you stopped and asked the average America about the Libya invasion they will probably not even know it happened.

How many people do you think are following what is going on in Syria right now?

One of the things that I find to be interesting is the language.  If a foreign country supports anti-government troops in our country they are called TERRORISTS.  When our country openly supports anti-government troops in Syria and Libya they’re called REBELS.

This made me remember history.  When the United States was going through its civil war it was Great Britain who supported the rebels in the south.  Many people don’t know it was Great Britain’s revenge for the original revolution.  They were happy to see Americans killing each other so they helped the guys rebelling against the government.  Why do you think the U.S. rebel flag looks like, yep you got it Great Britain’s ugly @ss flag.  They supported the rebels while France supported the young United States republic, again.

So history is repeating itself but what side is the United States on?  Doing the right thing is easy to understand doing the wrong thing is hard to explain.  Our country is in another wanting conflict as it seems we seek war as a hobby.  Its like we like it.  If it’s not us our politicians definitely love it.

Have you ever heard of AFRICOM?  This was started by George W. Bush.  It is designed to command and control Africa.  This is why Bush was in the news recently acting like he loves African babies. He is just doing some PR as troops slowly invade the entire continent.  Don’t worry they plan to train troops to fight TERRORISTS and who knows maybe support some REBELS when the time is right.  What do you think?


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