#Obamney2012 – Find out who will win the Fall election Today.

Double speak was a concept featured in the book 1984.  This was a mind control technique Big Brother used to influence the masses.  The way it worked was very simple.  First an announcement would be broadcast and then an identically opposite announcement would be announced.  The result of the confusion reduced the individuals ability to trust any information and empowered Big Brother.

Think about what is happening in our world today.  Recently the U.S. Supreme court ruled that Obamneycare is legally constitutional in its view only as a tax.   Immediately after the announcement you see talking heads saying that no, its not a tax.  WTF?

Things have gotten so confusing that people don’t even know who is who anymore let alone which candidate is the best.

What is the real difference between the candidates?  Don’t they both take money from the same supporters?  I noticed reports that the controversial company Bain Capital had given money to both of the candidates.  I guess its their way of “hedging”.  The same goes for most of the fortune 50 companies.  They openly give money to both republicans and democrats, somehow this is considered fair?

I’ll tell you what’s fair.  Portraying these candidates based on how they really are and letting the chips fall as they may.  They are doing a sh1tty job of convincing people that they are different.  It’s way too obvious they are exactly the same person when it comes to policies that will affect our lives.

1.  Both support Endless WARS – neither one served in any branch of the military though.

2.  Both support Obamneycare.  One wrote it one took it nationwide like Bill Gates did Macintosh back in the day.

3.  Both support the police state:  Invasion of privacy, censorship, and the NDAA that Chris Hedges had to sue over.

4.  Both defend banksters and think borrowing more money will cure debt problems.  #Brosbeforehoes

5.  Both support tax payer funded abortion clinics.  #Infantcide 

So who will win in November?  I think the government will win the election this fall although I have already announced who the winning candidate will be but it really doesn’t matter. What do you think?  #Obamney2012


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