Pedophile State University gets off easy pay small fines, blame Sandusky.

Who believes that Jerry Sandusky acted alone when he systematically raped children at a football camp for decades?  How could it be possible that he was the only one involved?

Sandusky was arrested and charged with 52 counts of sexual abuse of young boys over a 15-year period.  Think about this for a minute over a decade and a half is the time period he GOT CAUGHT.  So think about how many others or who else could have been involved?

In 1977 Jerry Sandusky a serial child rapist created The Second Mile a children’s charity he started in Pennsylvania.  Twenty-three years later in 1990 then President George H.W. Bush praised Sandusky’s “charity” organization as a “shining example” in a letter to the group.  

Twelve years after that U.S. Senator Rick Santorum honored Sandusky with an Angels in Adoption award in 2002.

This is the type the lavish praises he was receiving from politicians.  What did they know?  Apparently they knew enough to award him with awards so surely he must have been 100% good right?  Now we  know he was actually raping kids why was he getting awards from the government during the same time period?

PSU assistant coach Mike McQueary told a grand jury he witnessed Jerry Sandusky raping a child at the campus football complex in 2002 his reaction was to tell coach Joe Paterno about it.  Prior to his death Joe Paterno shamlessly defended any allegations of wrongdoing and seemed to play the victim as fans came in droves to his support like a pack of brainwashed idiots.

The Freeh report has confirmed what many suspected all along.  LIES and cover-up.  The fact that Joe Paterno admitted to telling a university president about the child rape instead of the police should tell you all you need to know.  Also the report reveals the efforts made to protect Sandusky during the university’s internal investigation cover-up.

What do you think?  Do you think this investigation is over and done or are there more arrests that need to be made?  Like the PSU president and other’s who knew children were being raped and acted like it was no big deal.  Who is next to join Jerry in the slammer or will Jerry finally bring down the Pedophile State University and spill the beans on what he knows?   Hey Jerry it’s time to #STARTSNITCHIN.  Mobb boss John Gotti never told on the mafia he just took it to the grave is Jerry going to do the same?

The same goes for Ex-Eagles head coach Dick Vermeil, current Eagles head coach Andy Reid, former Phillies owner Ruly Carpenter, Matt Millen from ESPN, actor Mark Wahlberg, Arnold Palmer, and football player Franco Harris, among others, who all served on the Honorary Board of the child-rape-front-group  The Second Mile.  It’s time to stop protecting a “University” and protect children, TELL US WHAT YOU KNOW, DO IT NOW.


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