R.O.I. Return On Israel (RE: Klavan’s One-State Solution)

Could it be The United States of America is in very bad place morally so therefore it is in a very bad place financially?  When was the last time this nation owed MORE in debt(1) than it earned in a single year(2)?

The total GROSS amount that the country earns for an entire year is only about $15.1 Trillion Dollars.  Meanwhile the debt clock is still ticking at $16.02 Trillion dollars.  The saddest part about it is this insane amount OWED doesn’t include INTEREST on the BORROWED MONEY.  Yeah, the money’s not free for the government either.

That means the United States government is digging a brand new $1 TRILLION dollar hole every year for American taxpayers to climb out of. Who can Americans call for help when WE are stuck?  


The international press now portrays The United States as a ferocious war monger.  Ever since War W. Bush left office the primary goal seems to be, “seek out opportunities to launch new wars and conquer new countries whenever and wherever you can.”

Especially in the middle east and northern Africa.  Obama the peace prize president has kept his foot on the war gas pedal since he made it to the White House.

What kind of help does America get from it’s great “ally” Israel?
Well it appears their leaderships plans are similar.  Wars, more wars, and rumors of wars.

Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu has been in the press all year and last year shooting his mouth off to who ever would listen about the need to attack Iran.  It’s like he is a robot or zombie or something.  Turn him on and all you hear is, “Bomb Iran, Bomb Iran, Bomb Iran.”  Then he wonders why Obama didn’t want to meet with him AGAIN this week(4).  How many times should the president have to hear him repeat the same thing over and over again and over again?  It’s like, ok dude we got it you want to BOMB IRAN.  Good luck with that, dumbass we’re flat broke.

I noticed this video from an PRO ZIONIST Trendie dude. You know the type that call you an anti-semite racist if you don’t promote Israel or dare to speak critically of them.  He says in his presentation that the entire middle east should be, “Given to Israel.”  He justified it in his own way but he claimed it would be better for everyone if the whole region of the world was basically gift wrapped and HANDED OVER to Israel.  Yes, he said it with a straight face check the video below:  (Trendies, man you gotta love em)



If there is an opportunity to make a transaction like this involving ISRAEL which one would be best for the United States?  Obviously it is impossible to GIVE the entire Muslim world to Israel this idea is comedic and also telling of intention.  How can you give someone something that you yourself don’t possess?  Oh, so Klavan really wants someone ELSE to STEAL these countries FIRST THEN just hand them over to Israel.  So I guess he is waiting on the title to IRAQ and Libya then?  Is this what Israeli imperialism looks like?  Is this their master plan?

Since we are on this topic what trade would make the most sense for the United States?  What about the opposite of Klavan’s idea? GIVE ISRAEL TO THE MIDDLE EAST.  Think about it for one second.  What if the entire United States deficit could be paid OFF ENTIRELY by this transaction?  The United States could sign a deal worth Trillions in Oil from the Middle Eastern oil producing coutnries in exchange for vowing to PERMANENTLY STOP ALL SUPPORT FOR ISRAEL.

Could this finally earn the United States a Return on Israel?


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