Rampant confusion

People work very hard to act politically correct but I wonder where we would be if people just tried to be honest with each other.  In my experience honesty even in hotly contested family issues always leaves a positive net effect.

We lie in the first degree when we intentionally mislead we lie passively when we allow lies to be portrayed as truth.  We feel it inside when something is happening we know is just not quite right.  We regret most when we don’t act, when we fail to do or say something.

Now we are supposed to sit by and watch this new scenario where boys can be girls and girls can be boys.  Obviously this is serious so I will respond in kind, “PEOPLE WE ARE COLLECTIVELY LOSING OUR MINDS!”

If someone thinks they can change their sex then they must first reconcile the fact they are acting as they’re own creator.  We all are created unique with undeniable talents and beauties.  Fooling around with the truth of our identity will only lead to further confusion and pain.

Everything is not possible that’s why spiders can’t fly.  what do you think.




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