WAR VET nearly killed for peaceful protest

Let this be a warning to all you high school kids out there wondering what you are going to do when you grow up.  If you decide to go to fight in a war that you don’t understand to kill people you don’t know, you may end up protesting that same war and if you do you could end up with your head cracked open.

Scott Olsen is special kind of hero.  Here is someone who did go beyond the call of duty and did join in the worldwide war machine only to realize the whole thing was a lie.  At some point he had to realize  the country he thought he was “defending” was the real aggressor in the conflict.

Our prayers go out to brave Scott Olson and his family, may he live to be 120 years old and may everyone remember why he sacrificed his life.   He could have been killed in the middle east and wasn’t but it was the police who inflicted the massive damage to his body.  He decided to do the right thing go against the grain and stand up for what is right.   That decision almost cost him his life.

Scott Olsen was only 14 years old when 911 happened ten years ago.

Young people boycott this insane war machine let the politicians fight if its so important.



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