Romney’s “Shake and Bake” on Ron and Rand Paul

So the wait is finally over and nope Mitt Romney didn’t pick a women, an African-American, or a Latino as his running mate.  He picked a white man from Wisconsin, Paul Ryan.

How do you feel about Romney’s pick?  Do you think this will help or hurt his campaign?  Is he qualified?

Is this what the republican base needed to finally get excited about the election?  Do you think the Obama supporters are more worried or happy to run against Romney + Ryan?

The presumptive nominee has finally filled out the ticket for the republican side of the election this fall.  The talking heads speculated on who they thought Mitt would pick but I predicted a “non-diverse” selection as Romney’s Mormonism is already enough for voters to deal with.

Paul Ryan almost sounds like Rand Paul or Ron Paul somehow and makes it a little funny.  You know the Ron Paul fanatics have to feel salty after getting snubbed on this VP pick.

The Ron Paul revolution is extremely popular with supporters all over the place.  Ron and Rand Paul have been elected by their enthusiastic base which really is independent from the traditional Republican power channels.   How stupid they must feel for endorsing everything they worked for over decades to Romney in one campaign season?

Romney and the Republicans need the Paul’s more than the Paul’s need the republicans.  Too bad they sold out, all for what?  Did they really believe Romney would select Rand or Ron Paul as a running mate?  Why didn’t they just stick to their guns?

Looks like the joke is on you Ron Paul supporters.  Oh, but wait there’s more, now you are supposed to believe Mitt will make a high level cabinet appointment of Rand if he wins?  Yeah believe that too suckers.

It’s obvious now that Romney has pulled a “Shake and Bake” on on the Pauls like Will Ferrell in Talladega Nights.  Now he’ll tell them, “Get out there and campaign hard for me or else, NO CABINET!”

The Paul’s find themselves in a double lose scenario.  They look like sellouts for supporting war mongering Romney to their base and then they look like sellouts to the Romney Republican’s because they don’t support the status quo passionately enough.  Now the questions is WHEN not IF Ron Paul will endorse Mitt Romney?  Do you think it will be before or after the republican convention?

See kids this is why you should always STICK to your VIRTUOUS principals.  This is what made Ron Paul popular for all those decades when he didn’t NEGOTIATE on what mattered most.  In 2012 he just soiled his reputation by selling out at the end of his career.

It’s like the old saying goes you can build ten thousand houses but eat one terd and people will remember you as a  terd eater not the man that build ten thousand houses.



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