Rupert Murdoch: I have intergalactic diplomatic immunity

They’ll Kick You, Then They Beat You,Then They’ll Tell You It’s Fair -Micheal Jackson

How are people reacting to the fact that America now openly has two sets of rules again just like the 1960′s.  One set for the peasants and one set for the real citizens, the “intergalactic diplomats”.

The real citizens are the ones who can do what ever they want and win even when they loose.  They even get tax-payer money to gamble and push their political agendas.

The peasants got sprayed with water hoses in the 60′s for speaking and now are regularly getting shot and sprayed with hazardous gasses for speaking.  The kids get it too.

Rupert Murdoch is a real citizen.  So he can start a company and get international funding and promotion then if he wants he can tap people’s cell phones and commit other crimes using the information with impunity from prosecution.  Why?  He’s a real citizen he has intergalactic diplomatic immunity.

How can you get intergalactic diplomatic immunity?  Get a whole lot of money right?  Nah not really.  Martha Stewart proved that, she had a whole lot of money when they sent her to the slammer.  I give her so much credit for being stronger than the haters she is like titanium or something.

When you’re like Rupert you can do whatever you want and the worst case you just resign and hire another flunkie to keep doing what you tell them to.  Life must be good for a “real citizen”.

What if a reporter who was trying to alert the public about the crime that was happening turned up dead?  What was Sean Hoare trying to warn people about before he was mysteriously found dead?  What other crimes did Rupert Murdoch participate in?

Think about all the policies his world wide propaganda machine pushed on the masses of people all over the world.  Fox News definitely led the promotion of the IRAQ war and the defense of George Bush from impeachment it’s obvious and sad.  The truth is it’s criminal but if the attorney general is a crook too what can you do?

Should Rupert be arrested for his crimes or is his intergalactic diplomatic immunity valid?  What do you think?


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