School Bus driver Karen Klein harassed by kids gets $425k, meanwhile Stop & Frisk continues.

If you look closely you might see the big picture.  Remember that thing at the top of your neck is not a hat rack.  I heard this story about Karen Klein a school bus driver who was “bullied” by kids recently in New York.  I immediately wondered, “How can children bully an adult?”  How does that even work?

My memories growing up and getting on the school bus are much different.  The school bus drivers that I had didn’t play and if you disrespected them like that then you would find out the hard way.  What should happen when a kid jumps bad with an adult?  Who is in charge?

The word bully is used over and over and now I see a new political campaign to end “bullying.”  My question is have you considered the responsibility of the bullied?  The person most responsible for being bullied is the person that allows it to happen.  Everyone has had a run in with a bully at one point in time or another.  The result is you either give in to the bully and they basically own you or you teach them a lesson they will never forget.

Now it’s reported that because disrespectful kids yelled and cursed at her she will received almost half a million dollars from contributors.  I’m like WOW.  Reading the news coming out of New York I’m wondering if that money should have went to people who are really being bullied and harassed.

The truth is Karen Klein doesn’t have to drive school buses.  She chooses to and she gets paid to do it.  If you ask her peers they’ll tell you how they would have handled the situation.  They wouldn’t have needed $425k either.

However, there are thousands and thousands of people who live in New York who are still being bullied and harassed by the New York Police Department for simply being outside.  “Stop and Frisk” is the name of the program that has resulted in thousands of warrant-less searches and civil rights violations not by kids or teenagers but by NYPD cops.  Imagine walking out of your front door and down the street and a police officer jumps out yelling at you freeze! spread em! put your hands up!  Many of these incidents have included people getting guns drawn on them and having their possesions taken.   What do you think?


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