Scientist “discover” Higgs Boson “God Particle” still searching for common sense.

The most arrogant people on this planet are not super star athletes, or the Kanye West’s of the world its the Scientists.  These guys are so self absorbed its really comical.  Every time I look up they are patting themselves on the back for a new revolutionary “discovery” they can’t prove.

These guys really are entertaining though. Especially knowing that they really believe the words that are coming out of their mouths AND they get their peons and the media to support what they say.  There is just one problem:

They can’t prove one single thing they say, but they act like they can.

The truth is they present THEORIES not evidence or proof.  Well, I have a theory too.  “You won’t get very far without common sense.

Then these guys get everyone in the world to fall in line with their announcements as if “consensus” is proof of something somehow.  If we all gather at the beach in San Diego and “believe” that Godzilla is coming we would have consensus, does that make it true?

Using their logic it does.

One thing that is good though is that people can get a view for why they should have more faith in their own theories.  Why believe what someone else is “guessing”?  It is no more real than what you can think up is it?  You have the same amount of proof.

A good comparison is what the abstract artist has to go through.  They put together paintings that some people look at and question, “is that art?”  Is the painter who made this an artist?  It looks like something a child did?  Actually there is a child painter who is making awesome paintings that are in high demand.   The point is some people look for abstract artists to paint a portrait or a landscape in order to prove their artistic talent before they are willing to accept their abstract stuff.  It proves their artistic ability.

What have these scientists ever really proven?  What are they trying to prove when they say they have discoverd the “God Particle”?  How could  a bunch of dudes who don’t believe in God discover “his” particle?

These people are crazy.

How come they don’t have to prove their scientific ability?  Why not find a cure the common cold before you claim you have the solution for “Global Warming” or have discovered the “God Particle”.   People are tired of getting scammed by another so called authority who doesn’t convince anyone with common sense.

Today’s’ scientists are starting to look like clowns when you compare them to real scientists who conducted real experiments and filed patents for their inventions like Nicholas mutherf*cking Tesla.

What do you think?


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