Is this a story of the snake and the frog?

Ok, if you never heard the story of the snake and the frog here it goes.

One day a frog was walking down the river bank and wanted to get to the other side to visit his girlfriend frog.  He normally hopped a ride on a floating lily pad or floating leaf strong enough for his weight, but today there were none in sight.

Suddenly a snake appears and says to him, “Hey frog buddy I’ll take you across the river.  I know you want to go visit your girl plus I’m going that way anyway.”  The frog knew the snakes reputation so he said, “Heck no!, I’ll wait on a lily pad.”

Time went by, the snake continued to persist and persuade and finally convinced the frog to ride on his back across the river.

“Okay remember you said you wouldn’t bite me.” He says as he gets on the snakes back and off they go across the river.

They were about half way across and they you heard the frog scream out, “Arrrrrgggggh you bit me! You said, you said you woudn’t bite me!”Then the snake said, “I’m a snake that’s what I do.”Ok here’s my point from the state department website it says, “One of the longest-standing issues in Libya’s relationship with the European Union and the international community was resolved in July 2007.”  from the images of Qadhafi appearing with world leaders it seems clear there was some mutual cooperation and respect.  Men are usually only willing to shake the hand of a man they respect.

What did he do since 2007 to instill so much hatred from the global powers that they had to do him so dirty?  The state department website says its because of  brutal suppression of popular protests.  So his treatment of protesters in his country justified murdering the leader and thousands more men, women, and children.  How many people did he kill in the suppression?  How many were killed in the invasion?

What else do we know? (I know we were told alot by the talking heads)






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