Microsoft Tablet + Keyboard = Where’s my laptop?

Remember the PDA days?  Remember the smart phone rise?  Remember that grey area when it wasn’t sure which way it would go until everyone understood that the new smart phones could do everything the best PDA’s could plus much more including make phone calls and surf the web.  Now enter the tablets.  Yeah I think they are somewhat useful for presentations but mostly are a convenience and require you to use a keyboard if you really want to get busy.

Once you connect your tablet to the keyboard a part of you has to feel stupid.  Remember when you bought it and you justified the purchase saying that you could use this INSTEAD of your laptop.  Now do you seem to be converting it INTO a laptop.

Why should you feel stupid? Compare the price of a laptop to a new tablet plus the keyboard.

  • Laptop:  Seriously powerful with hugenormous memory, hard drive, and all the bells and whistles you need for entertainment, business, development, gaming, what ever.
  • Tablet:  Basically a “Suped up” smart phone that is purposely dumbed down in the software and the hardware.  You’ll need to  purchase new software for the tablet platform this increases costs further.  Also add new accessories and peripherals, etc.

& OR ?

I use Apple’s products as an example because they are doing it the best in terms of quality and style right?  I could have posted this great value laptop that you can purchase for the price of the newest IPAD.  You’ll get superior performance, battery life and everything.  Plus  you won’t have to “connect” your keyboard.

I think the “PAD” “TABLET” thing is a fad like the PDA and the Netbook.  Not just because all the “trendies” have it either.  Over time people will see more value in the super awesome smart phones once again as they did with the Palm pilots. Remember, Samsung is not playing around.  Their new mini-tablet smart phones are awesome and give me the same reaction I remembered I had when I saw the first Iphone.  Moral to the story?  Save your money buy a good laptop then a smart phone.  What do you think?


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