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Why Godzilla is needed to defeat Terrorism


What can be done to stop the global war on terror? After over a decade of fighting if America hasn’t defeated terrorism by now isn’t it time to ask if terrorism can be defeated by America? Is it time to

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Will Obama launch a drone attack on himself?


If you look at history you will see example after another of leaders of countries, or gangs, or religious groups killing their own people over and over again. Why is it that citizens are told to solve their problems non-violently

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3 Reasons Black Americans are abandoning Obama.


“Barack Hussein is my main man…”  is a common phrase you’ll hear in any African-American community.  Soul brothers and old school players alike have supported Obama just like they said they would. Through the think AND the thin.  Has Barack

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Is Mitt Romney a Sheikh?


The fully automatic gaffe machine-gun that is Mittens Romney mouth fired off again this week. Do you think there will be major collateral damage? Have you heard about what he did this time? What is the deal with Mitt can

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Columbia University, Class of ’83: We never heard of Obama


What is more strange reality or fiction?  What if the reality you think you are witnessing is in fact a fiction? Millions of Americans believe George W. Bush stole two elections in order to make it to the White House.

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#Obamney2012 – Find out who will win the Fall election Today.


Double speak was a concept featured in the book 1984.  This was a mind control technique Big Brother used to influence the masses.  The way it worked was very simple.  First an announcement would be broadcast and then an identically opposite

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