Ten reasons you actually can #BlameObama

Before you go all gang affiliated on me with the republican vs democrat nonsense I want you to understand that I did actually support the Obama campaign in 2008.  I believed all of the stuff and thought that he did too.  My reasoning was since he received so much money from so many individual small donors that he wouldn’t forget about ALL of us, THE PEOPLE.  Man was I scammed.  Here are the top ten things that are definitely Obama’s fault:

1.  OBAMNEY CARE TAX.  Yeah right we need another tax.  He said it wouldn’t be a tax until the SUPREME COURT ruled it was.  His reaction is to change the word from TAX to PENALTY.  C’MON man!  Read what it says liar.

2. ENDLESS WARS.  There have been people saying that Obama was just like bush and it looks more and more like they are right.  Wars have not ended they have escalated under Barack.  More troops are away from their homes today than when he was inaugurated and they don’t know why.  Troops came home from IRAQ and then were redeployed to other areas of the world.  Why do US Troops need to be everywhere?

3. MONEY.  The stock market was bailed out so it is doing ok however main street is suffering and turning into hell holes all over America.  Here is a report of how bad it is.  The gas prices are down because people don’t have money and have not been buying gas.  He’ll get credit for gas prices going down somehow though.  Oh yeah then there’s Solyndra and the fact that bailed out GM closed more US plants and moved them to CHINA with taxpayer money.  Oh yeah and then he did that press conference saying that the banks didn’t break the law, how would he know?  The truth has come out to the contrary now what?

4.  CORRUPTION.  Come on now Barack.  Are you serious on this Fast and Furious thing?  The US Attorney General Eric Holder was found in criminal contempt this year.  Everyone is just acting like its ok because he says BUSH did it too? This is justice? WOW.

5.  CIVIL RIGHTS. Who could have ever imagined a reality where people have to show their “papers” just to walk down the street?  Well if you are living in New York and are living in a working class area you have probably been subjected by #STOPANDFRISK.  A program implemented by Mayor Bloomberg an Obama supporter.  Also you have the NDAA.  This is a law signed by Obama that gives him authority to indefinitely detain and or kill anyone he designates as a terrorist or whatever word they choose to use this week (insurgent, enemy combatant, poorly dressed non-trendy guy, whatever).

6.  STUDENT LOANS.  Earlier this year Barack was making appearances talking about how going to college needs to be made available to every American.  WHY?  So they can go into debt and then graduate without a job?  People don’t know that once you get student loans if you default you cannot access any social security or other government programs.  They also will take your tax return money to pay back ever increasing student loan interest and fees.  A great deal for the lenders who are guaranteed profits at the detriment of young people who don’t know better.

7.  OCCUPY.  Why didn’t he do or say anything to protect the protestors?  Women were being attacked routinely by crazed police, and what no comment? C’MON MAN.  But we seen him come out swinging for GAY MARRIAGE, WTF!?

8.  WAR ON DRUGS.  Obama said he was about change but really he is a staunch advocate of the status quo.  The drug war rages on as Obama says he does not support legalization but he may reconsider in his second term.  Seriously?  Do you really think we believe you?

9.  BORDER SECURITY.  This is not a political issue it is just common sense.  How can a nation have security if you cannot control who comes in and goes out ?  Maybe the country would have financial resources to provide adequate security  if it wasn’t busy occupying over 150 countries.

10.  SELLING OUT.  The president of your United States recently made it clear that he takes orders from the U.N. regarding sending troops to invade nations.  He doesn’t mention this when he is busy distracting you singing Al Green.  This alone is a reason for no one to join the armed services you are accepting that some international dude or whoever is your true leader.

What do you think?


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  1. Jack Donahue says:

    I think you’re wrong on most of these. Obama did speak out for the protesters. People NEED to go to college so they don’t end up writing shit like this “work of art”. Why is legalization so important? Are YOU a jobless high-on? Being bailed out, Like GM was, doesn’t give you money to spend frivolously. Also, the Volt wasn’t making profit. They needed to do what they had to do to stay in business. In a perfect world, they’d keep all their factories open. But this world is FAR from perfect. I’m sure a lot of legal Mexican immigrants are used to showing their papers.

    Shit happens, wars go on for “too long”, and people write shitty “articles” about politics when they barely know anything about ANYTHING.

    1. llenrad.com says:

      So much anger so little time. Thanks for reading.