Thank God for Gandhi

What did Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi teach that can help people in the twenty first century?  What examples did he set for future generations to follow?

Is there anything that people living in the two thousands can use to fight the futuristic freedom sucking vampires of modern times?

Have the people already forgotten Gandhi?  Why is it that the people who stand up for decency and justice are always killed?

Thanks to Gandhi the people have a blueprint of how to overcome all odds and overturn insane government oppression.  It’s called  non-violent civil disobedience.

The people also have a blueprint of what the powers at be will do to stop you too.  It’s called straight up kill yo @ss.  

If you dare to try and stop the grinding gears of corrupted despotism and organized hopelessness then you will get shot, stabbed, and imprisoned or all three or worse.  That’s just the way it is and has been for a long time. 

Remember Martin Luther King Jr?  He is one of the most famous followers of Gandhi’s teachings and practiced a strict program of non-violent peaceful resistance as he was inspired by what he learned from Gandhi.  One of my favorite quotes from Dr. King was that, “We must pursue peaceful ends through peaceful means.”  That means you don’t FIGHT for peace you PEACE for peace.

What happened to Dr. King for trying to make a positive difference in the country he was born?


He was shot dead on that balcony at the Lorraine Motel in Memphis while Jesse Jackson was looking suspicious and then told unbelievable stories like Dr. King died in his arms, etc.  We NOW know what Jesse did for the civil rights movement after Dr. King was assassinated don’t we?  Nothing, except promote himself and become an irrelevant fornicating clown that no one takes seriously anymore.

Violence is like a lawnmower blade that has taught people to get down and stay down.

Violence is the means by which the powers at be seek to maintain and retain power.  It’s like the opposite of MLK’s quote.  They know eventually someone will start calling for equality and justice by pointing out their criminal ways.  The government seems content to just wait until whoever it is gathers enough momentum then they will simply kill that leader or “have him killed” and then everyone forgets.


What can we learn from Gandhi:

  1. Don’t be the leader of the movement unless you want to be killed.  Don’t worry you will be killed if you are effective at challenging the status quo in a real way.  Lead a couple of marches and organize a boycott or two and see what happens.
  2. The movement will mostly stop once you are killed.  The sad truth of it is that being a famous martyr isn’t enough the powers at be will just use your image to further their oppression   If you are big enough they’ll make a holiday out of you and keep on grinding people into tiny pieces that they will later smoke in their pipes.
  3. Selflessness makes the world go around.  Money doesn’t it just seems like it does.  If you are willing to risk your life for a greater cause of helping people it is worth it.  Who can calculate the impact that Gandhi has made on human life on Earth?  How many people are living today because he died protesting what was being done to their ancestors?  How many people will take action today or tomorrow based on the example he or one of his followers like MLK set?

Imagine if only 1% of people stood up for what was right?  What difference would it make in this world?  Would this stop the progression of a sellout that is the status quo?


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