The first Tuesday September 11th Since 2001 – Five questions people are asking.

One of the things you will never forget.  The day of the week it was when it happened. It has been eleven years since that day that will forever live in infamy.

I was sitting there at my desk on what was a typical TUESDAY when I heard all of this commotion from co-workers about some airplane that hit the World Trade center.  The lunch room immediately filled up with people trying to figure out what was going on.

I’ll never forget everyones immediate expectation that it was some clown who got his small plane out of control and ran it into a sky scraper.

Who can forget how we felt when it was announced that the plane was actually a 767 Jet?

We were all in shock and awe when we saw the video of the second plane hit the second building.  We were really shocked when we saw the first tower fall and then the second. What a terrible day.  1.

I remember we all left work early because of what happened.  When I got home I was watching the news eating pizza that afternoon when it was announced that another large building  WTC #7 had also collapsed.  They said the building just collapsed even though it had not been hit by an airplane.  I remembered thinking, How?  What could make a building like that just fall down?  I mean these buildings aren’t made out of Styrofoam are they?  It reminded me of that show I used to watch about demolitions on cable tv.

Some people want to keep the topic of Septermber 11th mucho grande taboo and controversial.  I think these people could be trendies.

Other  people want to use their heads.  Many people have quesions.

Here are the biggest September 11th Questions:


1.  What would cause World Trade Center Building #7 to collapse?  What’s the deal in that video of the leaseholder of the World Trade center saying that they “pulled” the building and watched it collapse?  WTF?

2.  Where is the Airplane wreckage in Pennsylvania?  I have to agree with DMC on this one.  How can a gigantic airplane crash into an open field and vaporize into dust?  I mean no wings no body no nothing?  How many plane crashes have you seen footage of on the news?  Do you ever remember the plane disintegrating into thin air?

3.  Where is the Airplane wreckage at the Pentagon?  The main stream media video of the impact had everything in it except anything that looks like an airplane.  All you can see on that video is a flash and an explosion.  Then afterward where is the airplane wreckage?  There was no large wings, engines, or anything, why?

4.  Why are Millions of Americans still doubting the official story?  The poll results are clear.  People don’t buy the official story from the government on Sept 11th.  Why do you think people smell a rat?

5.  Why are 1700 Architects and engineers calling for a new 9/11 investigation?  Wisdom says when it matters the most get someone who knows what they are doing.  Why would so many professionals sign their name and reputations to such a controversial idea?

*6* Bonus – What happened to the Isralies that were immediately arrested on suspicion of terrorism? If you know please post. Here’s details on the law suit story.(update 10:30am)


What do you think?  Why should anyone care?  Thanks for adding your two cents.





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