Tired of the raw deal in America? There’s only one way to fix it.

Why are so many people still so upset with their situation in America?

Why are ordinary Americans slipping steadily into a lower standard of living and poverty?

What can Americans do about it?


STOP BEFORE YOU START, I don’t want to hear it.  Please save it.  Ron Paul and no other politician ain’t gone do jack sh1t about nothing.  Americans are starting to realize that it all boils down to us from here on out.

THAT’S RIGHT.  We are all alone in this fight.  That’s the good news and the bad all wrapped together in a tasty burrito.  The Insane Clown posse also known as the Republicans and Democrats never intended to do anything other than get information on what the people really want so they can delay us in getting it for as long as possible.  Think I’m joking check out the CSPAN presidential debates from over 20 years ago.  Last night Barack and Mitt argued the same points that War W Bush’s Daddy and Michael Dukakis debated in 1988.

This is why writing letters to your “representatives” and voting this way or that way will never make a real impact in your lifestyle.

It never has and it never will this is by design.

So what can ordinary Americans do to finally free themselves and improve their deal in life?  It’s actually very simple America:


With that Chuck D voice sample. Americans must simply learn from the methods that worked for other Americans.  The examples are sitting right in front of your face.



Had a list of wants entering the 2011 season.  They had made this clear to the team ownership who stubbornly resisted giving the players what they said was rightfully theirs.  The owners talked trash in the press calling the players greedy and yada yada yada.  The players stayed together throughout the process without anyone breaking ranks.  The result was the NFL players getting a BETTER deal than the one they had.




Also had a list of desires and improvements that they demanded from the league.  When the NFL stiffed them and decided to go with replacement officials it was an absolute disaster.  Even though I wrote about how the NFL should keep the replacement  referees I have to admit I admire their commitment to staying together throughout the entire process.  In the end thanks to the replacement refs screwing up one too many big calls the real professionals got their jobs back and got a BETTER deal than the one they had.

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Should have been an alarm to all blue collar workers and teachers all across the country.  Don’t like your working conditions?  Go on strike and demand improvements to your working conditions and higher pay.  This is what the teachers in the Chicago area did.  After being on strike for only a few days they returned to work with a BETTER deal than the one they had.

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The 2007–2008 Writers Guild of America strike

NEWSFLASH:   Barack Obama and Mitt Romney don’t write their own speeches.  Someone else gets paid to do that.  The same goes for the Jay Leno’s and David Letterman’s on late night television.  Someone has to write all of those funny one liners.  Someone actually writes Conan O’Brien’s 15 minute montage at the beginning of each show.  I like Conan too but sorry folks he’s just a performer the writers are the ones who really come up with all the funny.  When the writers’ contract expired with the networks they wanted what everyone else in their industry had which was a better deal.  The big entertainment companies tried to stiff them on their demands so what did the writers do?  They went on strike.  In the meanwhile television ratings plummeted as people begin to notice the missing writers contributions.  In the end the writers ended up with a BETTER deal than the one they had.

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If you sit back and wait for these barons to give you what you deserve you may find out they think they are already giving you too much.  Where do you think this will leave you?  Why do you think wealth has progressively declined even for the people with jobs while the rich continue to get dramatically richer?  The one percenters strategy is simple they take whatever they think is theirs even if  what they take is yours.  Why do you think asking them to stop will work?

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