Toy Story 4, Batman 8, and Spider man 75 How Hollywood screws us

Yeah, I know you are sitting around waiting for the fourth edition of the already old and played out animated series to re-appear on a silver screen near you.  I’m sure you can’t wait to see what predicament “Woody” and the gang will get themselves into and out of for the fourth time.

-What’s that, you’re not excited?  Wow you mean to tell me that you are not eagerly “chomping at the bit” to get to another dose of an already worn out story line?  Well then, I guess you won’t be going to see the latest Toy Story episode coming to theaters soon?

How did we let the movies turn into television episodes?

Has anyone in Hollywood ever stopped for a second and thought there may be new movie ideas that people would rather watch?

Why are we continuously fed these same characters over and over again, generation after the next?  What effect does this have on our culture?

I remember when the Batman phenomenon first ignited back in the 90′s.  Everyone had something with a yellow and black batman logo on it.  There was so much promotion for this movie that it really integrated into our society.  The movie was a hit and then obviously a sequel had to be made and then another and then another an now we are up to how many movies?  I think its 7 or 8 Batman sequels.

How many more will they make?  Do you know how many Batman comic books there are?  Do you know how many different types of BATMEN there are?  Or how many episodes of the old Batman tv show there were?  Should we expect a Movie for every TV episode or comic book situation Batman found himself?  Maybe a movie for every villain he fought?  How much is enough?

The Spider-man franchise is doing the same thing.  The movie was very popular when it was released in 2002 but since then it has been re-made over again and again and now I think we are on Spiderman #5 or #6 or something. It feels like #75.  Who can keep up with all the episodes?

What ever happened to film?  What happened to unique movies and scripts written by never before heard of actors, directors, and writers?  How can it be that the regional film festivals show so much energy and creativity but the big screen shows non stop “re-runs” called sequels?  What do you think?


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