UN Rio+20: “Jesus ain’t black or white, he’s GREEN”

How far does this thing have to go?  It’s now to the point where the so called superior minds of the global warming society have dipped to a new low.  To draw attention to their big important meeting happening this week in Rio, the iconic “Christ the Redeemer” statue which overlooks the entire city was ordered to be lighted green to commemorate their fancy GREEN conference.

This has an obviously huge effect.  Anyone who has ever been to Rio or seen photos has only seen the statue looking one way.  Now all of a sudden because some people really love Al Gore’s movie somebody thinks a good idea to bring Jesus into it?  I can only imagine what my grandmother would say about somebody messing with Jesus.

The global warming heads are caught up so much in the rhetoric and the talking points that they just don’t get it.  WE DON”T BELIEVE YOU.  Usually with enough money behind it you can get people to believe anything almost for a while (#STOPKONY2012).  This is basically what marketing is all about.  Its a mind control game usually driven for sales or some “call to action” like signing up for the marines, etc.   These global warming heads think thay could trigger a “call to believe” by showing Jesus as green.  This implicates JESUS is also a supporter of the GREEN idea.

Maybe this is why it’s written to not have idols.  Is this what Leviticus 26:1 is about?  Maybe its a bad idea to have a Jesus statue there to begin with?  Maybe the statue in and of itself is a blasphemous idol and if it was not there then people who have agendas couldn’t use it like a political football?  Imagine it dressed up with the colors of a favorite sports team next fall.  Or maybe in the winter its got a special hat?  If anyone did that you would know they were desperate to get support.  Also people wouldn’t tolerate this would they?  What do you think?


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