US NAVY: We had to kill the fisherman he may have been a terrorist.

Another incident where it seems that George Zimmerman is calling the shots in the US foreign policy.  It seems like the put your self in “danger” then scream self defense is now the name of the game.

Whatever it is it has again resulted in more mindless killing for no reason.  The US Navy is operating from its foreign “base” in Bahrain (NSA Bahrain) which is very close to the very prosperous and popular Dubai of the UAE.  This means the Persian gulf waters obviously are teaming with people cruising around on their boats and some probably fishing.

Well, the government says if you don’t respond to them fast enough your dead. WOW.  Imagine a foreign battleship sitting in the gulf of Mexico and then you hear a report that a guy is killed on his fishing boat after leaving Pensacola?   Imagine this for one second if you can what would happen if a Russin ship killed an American off the coast of Florida?  What right would they have to do this, is what people would say as they screamed bloody murder.  You have to be in the RIGHT to do good don’t you?  What happened to honor?

Today’s US NAVY “A global force for good“, claims they provided warning but did they really fire warning shots?  Do you believe them?  Would they lie?  There are injured survivors on that fishing boat who may be able to speak about what happened so this story is developing.  It will be interesting to hear what they say. Also, who rescued the survivors of the attack?  It would have had to be the Navy for the passengers to survive right?  So that would mean they shot the fishing boat and then rescued the very people they thought were terrorists?  Talk about things that make you go hmmmmm.

Is this what the US NAVY means when it says it’s a “global force for good”?  Is that “for good” as in permanent?  Hard to say its good as in good vs evil when your patrolling another foreign land and shooting people for not doing what you want.  Then justify it even when it’s a fishing boat vs a multi-billion dollar vessel.

What are we doing all over the world these days other than looking for a fight?  They say if the only tool you have is a hammer everything looks like a nail.  Now we are in a place where everyone and everybody including our American celebrities look like terrorists.  You have to prove that you are not a terrorist to do anything and that is in our own country.

How could this possibly keep anyone safe?  What would be the difference if Charles Manson was in charge of foreign policy let alone George Zimmerman?  Where will this kill at will mentality land the United States?  Does anyone care?  Will this fisherman killing be used to justify a war with IRAN somehow?  What do you think?


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