Was Suzanne Barr getting freaky with ICE?

Government workers.  What a comedic bunch of people.  Year after year they justify their big fancy jobs with the fancy buildings and their over dressed assistants and secretaries and aids and vehicles and meetings and conferences and acronyms and on and on and on.

All on the idiot taxpayers dime. What a scheme.

Politicians get the public to believe that everything the government does is so important and vital and absolutely critical.  However, what do we find when we take a look?

They did it all for the nookie?

Has it gotten to the point where government is a real life frat party?

Suzanne Barr is yet another example of what would never happen if the government wasn’t so big and fat and nasty.  Suzanne has joined Janet “get your freak on” Napolitano in the latest episode of girls government gone wild.

LARRY MCSHANE & RICH SCHAPIRO shed light on this story with their article in the New York Daily News.  In it they detail how Suzanne Barr allegedly offered oral sex, gawked at men’s crotches, asked about size, and stole cell phones to send lewd  messages to co-workers.

Could it be true?  Is it possible that another major federal department head is also a perverted power freak?  Did she learn this from Janet?

Suzanne Barr has some serious explaining to do.  Not only to her mate if she has one but to the American people.

Did she really sexually harass TWO male employees in Immigration and Customs Enforcement or ICE? If not why would they file formal complaints against her that would end in her resignation?  Why would she quit if the allegations are completely false as she claims?

Here’s one person that could potentially explain what is going on:


Bill Clinton.

Yeah I know it’s been a long time but like they say once a freak always a freak.  How do we know what role Bill Clinton played in all of this?  Could he be the godfather of the government freaks?  Seriously, he did revolutionize the act of getting your freak on in a government job didn’t he?  He set the standard at the highest freak I mean peak.  Wasn’t Suzanne just following his lead?


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