Why are these people after Jamie D?

What would make so many people gather outside the Sheraton Hotel in downtown Seattle?  The answer is Crime.  Crimes that the people protesting say JP Morgan Chase top boss Jamie Dimon committed over the the last few “bailout” years.

The protesters say they have evidence that would prove guilt on Dimon’s part beyond a reasonable doubt.  Bribery, Fraud, and Extortion are some of the charges alleged by protesters.

In 2008 while the economy was in the dump his company was booming as it received $25 Billion in tarp funds.  There are reports that the funds were repaid to the government they were given to the bank at 0% interest rate. What did they do with the money?  Well they were able to buy a huge bank at fire sale prices.

There are now polls showing as time passes more and more Americans agree with the protesters.



This movie explains some of what the people are protesting about.  It is actually very entertaining also.

Would you feel safe investing in a bank with a CEO who’s on the run from people that occupy where he speaks and are trying to arrest him?


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