What does OBAMNEY say about America and its Presidential Candidates?

Americans may not have the reputation as the most articulate group of people on the planet but we still have a great reputation of telling it like it is when we feel strongly about something.

What does it say about America that it’s people have been calling out it’s presidential candidates Mitt Romney and Barrack Obama as Obamney?  How will this impact next months election?  How will this impact life in America after the Election?

American test scores have fell off like a 90′s one hit wonder but that doesn’t mean we are a nation of complete idiots.  The media’s portrayal of Americans as mindless morons is more about projection than reality in 2012.  When you look closer you find more evidence that people are well aware of what’s going on.  Nothing is more obvious a sign of this than the pop culture trend called:


This term has been trending hard all year as people began to talk about how much Obama and Romney are essentially one and the same.  There have been hilarious images published all over the web depicting a man with half Obama’s head and half Romney’s.  There’s one with Romney’s hair and Obama’s face. They’re all over the place and they are hilarious.

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Other than comedy,  it shows the impact satire has always had on the debate about serious issues in America.  The people know what’s going on and are speaking about it very frankly but somehow the “politicians” aren’t getting the message.

This is the same story that has been going on for years and years in America.  The difference is now people are not making fun of the blue candidate and defending the red one they are clowning BOTH candidates and calling them BOTH out as one and the same.  This is a much more advanced analysis and a real sign of intellect and reasoning on the part of the American people.

OBAMNEY by the Numbers:

  • There are about 311 million people in the United States.  [2]
  • In 2008 131 million people voted for the president. [1]
  • That means about 42% of people in the United States are expected to vote in presidential elections.
  • 46 Million Americans are on food stamps that’s 15% or one in 6 people. [4]
  • There are 30 Million more people dependent on government aid than are expected to vote for president.
    • 165 Million Americans are dependent on government aid vs. 131 million expected voters.
  • There are nearly twice as many people working for the government than in all of U.S. manufacturing
    •  22.5 million Government Workers vs. 11.5 million U.S. Manufacturing jobs[6]

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OBAMNEY the Ruler?

If only 40% percent, less than half of the citizens in the country vote for Obamney what makes him truly think he is representing the American people?  I think there should be a debate about a new constitutional amendment.  What if it was made clear that unless a candidate gets the clear majority of ALL Americans to vote then you do not represent them.  This also means you can’t rule over them with insane laws like FISA, the patriot act and the NDAA.   This is how people rule over each another, they write silly laws on papers and act like its important.  When this happens the ruled over grows gets tired of it slowly and eventually opens a large can of whoop ass.  Thank god for Gandhi’s example of how to take action peacefully without having to open the can.


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