What I learned from Warrick Dunn

Ok so it’s finally time to reveal who I bumped into yesterday @StarBucks.  …drum roll please…

Warrick Dunn.  If you don’t know who he is Warrick Dunn is a legendary NFL and College football running back.  He is known for making some of the biggest plays on the field even though he was the opposite of the biggest player in physical stature.

However, it is what he has done off the field that truely separates him from eveyone else.

“What an example you are setting brother, Thank you for all you do.”  is what I told Warrick when I met him yesterday.

I am the type of person who remembers certain people and they stick in my mind for specific reasons. Selflessness is one of the things that always impresses me and gives me hope.  Reading the latest stories on LlenRad it seems like the whole world is coming to an end that’s why i’m glad to see there are some people left who aren’t just thinking about themselves.


Here’s 3 lessons I learned from Warrick Dunn:


1.  Let your work speak for you.

When people were busy doubting Warrick Dunn for his size and this or that obviously all he did was keep preparing and focusing on what he had to do in order to make IT happen.  Who knew the IT that he wanted to make happen wasn’t just a successful NFL career?  Once he got some money did you know the first thing he did was buy houses for women in need?  He said he does this as a tribute to his mom who was as police officer killed in 1992 in a robbery.  The most impressing thing I saw him do was to actually meet one of the individuals responsible for his mothers death.  Talk about COURAGE and LEADERSHIP, wow.


2.  Haters gone hate.

That’s why they hate because they have accepted that they can’t stop you so their best hope is to spread negativity in hopes that you will stop yourself.  It really is that simple.  Last Summer Warrick Dunn was stopped by a police officer who ended up telling him he “LOOKED” like a drug dealer.  Yeah that same old line.  When will we get past this point?  In 2011 black people in nice cars are still considered drug dealers, COME’ON MAN!  If cops want to find drugs and gun runners why don’t’ they go ask the Prime Thug he knows were they are, they work for him.


3.  YOU can make a difference.

In stead of buying rims and versache couches all over the place and filling up condos with needy b1tches like Ocho Zero you actually can do something bigger and better that will make a BIG difference.  Why not do that?  Why not choose greatness?  Oh yeah you don’t have to be a NFL star either just ask eight year old Vivienne Harr.



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