When is it time to cut back on the Pink?

How are we supposed to know if it has gone too far?

Where is the line and who gets to draw it?

Are some topics too controversial to discuss in America?


It’s like when two brothers get into an argument and then maybe one gets mad so punches get exchanged and then someone maybe considers grabbing something to hit the other one with.

This is when it has gone too far.  Are we there yet with this football player in PINK thing?

First let me say god bless my Auntie Shirlene who passed from breast cancer at a very young age.  Extra special shout out and THANK YOU to the Donna Hicken foundation they actually did help my family and they did not have to.


Before you answer the question on if it has gone too far or not consider this.  Recently I went to a youth football game and what I saw there gave me a completely new point of view.  I think people forget that whatever the NFL does everyone else copies.  All the way down to the kids.

Do we really want young boys wearing pink?

Should little girls no longer have exclusive rights to their color?  When did this change?  Why won’t people just leave girls alone?

======>  DON’T MISS:  Is the LBGT movement anti-female?


Is there a better way?

  • Men get cancer too.  My grandfather died of prostate cancer.  Wouldn’t it make more sense for NFL players to bring attention to getting screened for prostate cancer?  The stadium is only filled with men who need to know about this, right?
  • Wouldn’t the women athletes be best to market women health issues?  Popular women are more than capable to bring attention to this issue.  Serena Williams can wear pink can’t she?  Beyonce could perform in all pink costume couldn’t she?


Is it bad for branding and marketing?

What is the point of having a team uniform if everyone is not uniform?  Think about how much money the alternative and throwback jerseys have made college and Pro teams.  Is this pink thing helping them there?


What about other causes?

What about injured veteran organizations?  Why not have all the players in the NFL wear a special color in November for the injured vets.  What about autism?  Why not have all the NFL players wear another color in September for children with autism?


Where do you draw the line?


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