Who kicked the crap out of Harry Reid?

You can always tell when a politician is telling a lie.  Their mouths are moving.

What do you think happened to Harry Reid?  Is he covering up abuse like that popular YouTube video where the women is giving make up advise for how to cover-up bruises?

He obviously looks like someone beat the living crap out of him.  Do you think he got a beat down and is hiding it from the public?  Harry Reid wouldn’t tell a lie would he?

If he did get beat down who do you think did it?

Harry Reid has been going hard at Romney recently demanding he submit his tax returns.  I don’t know why Harry think’s Mitt will comply with his demands?  I already explained the real reason why Mitt will never turn over his Taxes.

Do you think these constant demands may have resulted in Mitt having to open a can on Harry’s candy @ss if you will (S/O to the Rock)?

Harry Reid says that he dislocated his shoulder in a fall but we know these political dudes are competitive liars.  So that means what REALLY happened is about the distance to Mars away from his story.

So, what do YOU think REALLY happened?

I’m not a detective but I have watched one on TV.  When they launch an investigation it’s always the motive that they begin with.  Who would be motivated to commit such an act?  Mitt Romney would have to be near the front of that extremely long line, right?

If Mitt Romney himself or a supporter didn’t beat the crap out of Harry Reid here are 3 explanations that are more believable than his I fell and I can’t get up story:

1.  Harry Reid Tried out for MTV’s jackass.  He figured that since he gets paid to be a real one everyday it shouldn’t be that difficult to join Johnny Knoxville’s team.  After trying a stunt involving a tricycle, an inflatable flamingo, and  a penguin suit Harry ended up busted up.

2.  Harry Reid is an underground fight club member.  Just like Brad Pitt’s character in the awesome movie that you should watch Harry Reid is involved in some underground fighting club where he shows up and usually beats the crap out of someone but this time he got beat down.

3.  Harry Reid got beat up by those kids that bullied that bus driver.   Being the high character man that Harry is he personally followed up on the story of the kids that bullied that school bus driver and confronted them.  The kids then proceeded to beat the crap out of Harry Reid.


4.  Harry Reid got beat down by the prime thug Eric Holder.  This could have been payback for holding the head of the Justice department in criminal contempt of congress.


What do you think REALLY happened to Harry Reid?


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